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Although it can be helpful to know how much we are eating in a day, it is not healthy to become obsessive over calorie counting or restricting foods, because that can be unhealthy, both for our body and psychologically.
This page hopefully will help you work out what foods you should be eating, information on diets, and portion sizes.
The image below includes helpful diagrams to aid you in measuring the portion of certain foods with your hand. As you can see, the plate is fairly equal although there should be more vegetables and grains. Although counting calories is not recommended, it also includes the number of calories that this amount of food would be.

Keep in mind also that it’s not just quantity of food, but quality (which is covered further down on this page).
It also does not take into consideration health problems, or if you have to follow specific nutrition requirements (such as a low-oxalate diet, or if you are lactose intolerant etc.). There is also a helpful website here, that calculates how much food you should cook (i.e Pasta) for the number of people eating.
Instead of referring to the images above, you may prefer to look at a meal in terms of 'My Plate’, which has now replaced the Food Triangle (see below).
Processed food did not grow from the ground, does not have a mother, and has been artificially altered in some way.

If you are under-eating, you are also more likely to experience strong cravings are you are restricting food not only that you like, but most likely that you need also.

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