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An Irish potato diet may well be what you need to drop that extra weight you've been dragging around since Thanksgiving.
Chris Voigt, the head of the Washington State Potato Commission, lost 21 pounds in two months and dropped his cholesterol by 60 points on a potato only diet. No wonder the 5:2 diet has taken the world by storm with celebrity followers from actress Jennifer Aniston to model Miranda Kerr and TV presenter Phillip Schofield! One of the great things about this diet plan is that you can eat normally for the rest of the week, so you can still enjoy dinner out.

Although this diet alone should help you lose weight, to fast-track your dress-size drop you should add in some exercise. Cook for 20 minutes until the veg are soft (225 cals per serving, serves two)Get more recipe ideas, tips and inspiration on our 5:2 diet page - plus check out our guide to 50 foods with 50 calories or less.
Fasting diets are not suitable for those with certain medical conditions such as diabetes type 1, nor for children or pregnant women. He did it to prove to health officials in the state that potatoes were rich in all the right kind of nutrients and should not be banned from school mealsThe spud loving Irish may prefer this diet to any other.

Just make sure you do have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner on your five non-fast days to ensure you're getting a full and balanced diet.

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