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Healthy side dishes for pork

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Other Interesting Indian Odds & Ends Lighter Side of Show Me The Curry - Bloopers recipe Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
We’ve never tried it with refried beans, but would imagine that the texture of the beans might be too pasty for this sandwich. Add the sandwich filling between the two slices of bread and cook them in the sandwich toaster. Lastly sliced potatoes and close the sandwich with other slice of bread and repeat the same for the next pair of slice.

I made it in my sandwich maker, dont worry if you dont have one, you can make it in tawa too.
Apply butter on both sides of prepared sandwich and shallow fry on hot skillet until crisp from both the sides.
These ideas(checking the crispy potato sandwich, looks delicious and easy to attempt for kids lunchbox.
My sandwich mixer requires the bread to be buttered on one side and the mixture to be topped up on the other side.

Place it in a greased sandwich maker and cook for 2 minutes or as per the sandwich maker’s instructions. This visually appealing open sandwich, with its perfect blend ofВ sweet, tang and spice, is sure to please everyone.

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