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CrossFit is different animal than traditional fitness programs and so is our approach with nutrition. After a month you can tinker with re-introducing some of the banned foods, but you need to know that non-compliance in the first month is grounds for termination. I have been taking my workout home and have been pretty religious in my diet, but have a few questions for ya after reading this article. We like to think our ancestors had it right and that breads, grains or beans should not be the mainstay of a person’s diet.

Loren Cordain of Colorado State University, author of The Paleo Diet and The Paleo Diet for Athletes. Robb is a co-founder of NorCal Strength and Conditioning, a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, and a co-founder of The Performance Menu. Conventional cuts like London broil for beef and pork loin are good options if the organic and or grass fed options are not available.
If you are fighting for survival in a 3rd world country then yes, beans and rice count as protein.

Here we will address the issue of diet and our stance on what and how much you should be fueling with. If you are not committed to this please step away from the ride, do something else and leave this hour open for someone who will listen, grow and reap the rewards this program can offer.

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