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This pasta is surprisingly light, a delightful characteristic considering the richness of the cream. The salmon spaghetti with spinach and tomato came from my desire for a lighter pasta dish that didn’t skimp on full aromatic flavors. I may make this Salmon Pasta dish again and will add some fresh, chopped parsley and the nutty flavors of cumin seeds, with lavish amounts of extra virgin olive oil and a hint of lime juice. My son, Constante outdid me in the kitchen when he cooked this superb Salmon Pasta in Lemon Olive Oil . Cook spaghetti pasta according to package directions in a pot of boiling water with a pinch of salt.
In a large pan, over medium high heat, pan fry the salmon fillet in 4 tablespoons olive oil until cooked.

Great dish, toss in some asian red pepper flakes and since I was using whole wheat pasta, some roasted pine nuts. He found this easy to do Salmon Pasta recipe in the October 2012 issue of ‘FOOD Magazine’ and got dinner started. Suggested pairing: serve with sliced avocados to compliment the flavors in the salmon if you wish.
The salmon fillet was easy to pan sear, yet had simple, wholesome, nourishing flavors when mixed into the hearty pasta. I come from an Asian family, where people don't do it, but it's such an easy thing to do with salmon.
The citrusy aromas from the sizzling salmon fillet he pan fried while he got the pasta boiling, were unbelievable.

He added a few cups of fresh spinach, some sweet New Jersey tomatoes and it made an awesome salmon with pasta and vegetable dinner!  Adapted from “FOOD Magazine" – October 2012 (Manila,Philippines) from a recipe by Tina Concepcion Diaz, as written in ‘The Joy of Eating’ by Angeli De Rivera. The citrus flavors of lemon on the salmon and pasta, plus the vegetables are all wonderful.

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