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For people who are overweight but not obese (those with BMIs between 27-30), very low-calorie diets should be reserved for those with weight-related medical problems. SaffroLean is the perfect supplement to use while on a healthy low-calorie diet that includes moderate exercise. We understand that many dieters want to reach their weight loss goals faster and will combine our non-stimulant, 100% All-Natural supplement with their individual diet regiment.
The amount of calories you need to maintain your weight (remembering that eating less than your maintenance will result in weight loss, all things taken into account) of course varies with your actual weight, but from what you provided us, it seems that you are right on track and maintaining a very healthy program. Skinny Spicy Spaghetti with Garlic, Parmesan and VeggiesHealthy eating is only one part of a successful diet plan.
Optifast is a clinically proven, scientifically formulated, very low calorie diet recommended for the dietary management of weight loss. If you have a BMI over 30 (considered “obese”), then a very low-calorie diet may allow you to lose about 3 to 5 pounds a week. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, teens, and people over 50 are generally not recommended to eat very low-calorie diets except in specialized treatment programs.

The amazing thing is that it works well for those who don’t count calories or fat grams as well. Our supplement is a safe choice for you if that is your plan but please review these guidelines provided by our development and product testing team. This level of calories, by most nutritional experts and adopted by all of us at Saffrolean, should never be followed unless under the close supervision of a medical professional. This also is a pretty low amount of calories, and again while contributing to weight loss, it may be less than your body needs for full health maintenance, depending on your starting weight and health status. This is the range we recommend for best results, and the caloric intake used on average by the subjects studied in the clinical trials on the saffron and green tea extracts that we include in SaffroLean (the most typical range for women was typically 1350 – 1500 calories). In the long term, very low-calorie diets aren’t any more effective than modest diets – the key to maintaining weight loss is changing your lifestyle and committing to healthy eating and regular physical activity. This level of calories is more than adequate to provide you with the proper amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins for healthful maintenance of your body – and enough calories to give you enough food choices so you can obtain the proper amount of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes) to maintain a healthful status.
Soon after, the metabolic enhancement from the specialized green tea kicks in, and your bodies caloric utilization increases.

They are to be used with a low calorie diet resulting in fast weight loss and healthier you. Many weight loss products require compliance with this level of caloric intake to achieve their results. Our repeat customers are reporting better success than other weight loss diet drop products. Many customers that have used this diet protocol with our Pro Diet Drops have reported losing 15-35 lbs per round. Where your result may vary, this is the diet that thousands of people are losing weight, getting healthy and feeling better with. YOU WILL RECEIVE WITH YOUR ORDER INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DOWNLOAD THE BASIC DIET INSTRUCTIONS AND THE ALLOWABLE FOODS LIST.

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