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Mix up a simple marinade early in the day, and all you have to do at dinner is throw it on the grille and enjoy it on the patio together.В  Easy peasy! This is probably not going to appeal to everyone, but if you love caviar, you will love this recipe. I love recipes that make a perfect amount for two.В  And with the coconut and curry flavour combination, this one looks delicious to share with your sweetie!
Some romantic dinner recipes take a little tender love and care to put together.В  This is no exception.В  A little bit of hard work will definitely pay off!
Or, you can add scallops to pasta for a creamy and delicious dinner that you won’t have to slave over in the kitchen for hours.

This elegant pasta dinner will have your sweetheart thinking you worked in the kitchen all day long. You'll savor the lavor of these Brussels sprouts (and the sweetness of having no kids for the night)! Whether you're planning a luxurious evening at home or a casual dinner date for two, find the perfect recipes for your meal. What a hassle it is to arrange and pay for a babysitter, get ready for the evening, make reservations, leave the kids etc.
Find light recipes to make any moment special: Feel like a kid again with Chili-Cheese Mac for a weeknight dinner.

I’m planning to make some of the hubs favs- a Seafood Paella and a decadent Chocolate Pudding Cake for dessert.
Instead, try one of these romantic dinner recipes for a special date night in your own kitchen.

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