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March 16, 2014 by Cindy Ah Kioon 2 Comments Indian Tandoori Chicken is by far one of my most favorite indian recipes of all time. August 21, 2011 by Cindy Ah Kioon 10 Comments This recipe is a really simple Indian vegetable recipe. April 5, 2011 by Cindy Ah Kioon 5 Comments This Indian vegetarian recipe is really simple to make.
March 31, 2011 by Cindy Ah Kioon 7 Comments Mattar Paneer is a very popular Indian vegetarian recipe around the world. March 26, 2011 by Cindy Ah Kioon 3 Comments This is a very easy indian vegetarian recipe with eggplant, potatoes and onions as the 3 main ingredients. Type and presentation of fried rice can be modified into various shapes and appearance, the taste can be adjusted want spicy, slightly salty, or mixed with anchovy is allowed.

Tandoori Chicken gets its name from the tandoor clay oven, which is also used to make indian bread or naan. It is the perfect recipe for people who are busy or are just looking for a quick and easy vegetable recipe. Chicken legs or thighs are marinated in a delicious mixture of yogurt, lemon juice and fragrant indian spices. Rice Pilaf is common to Middle Eastern, Asian, African, Latin American, and Caribbean cuisines.
There are a lot of processed rice in several countries including liwet rice, nasi lemak, coffГЁ, fried rice and much more based dish with white rice. Rice for most people served only pure white rice, then to eat it added a side dish and vegetables are usually kind of soup.

In contrast to the presentation of fried rice, white rice mixed with various spices and then cooked by frying it will produce a delicious fried rice dish. If you are a vegetarian then be creative with vegetarian fried rice combined with various kinds of vegetables, it is definitely the energy content in the form of fat will be low.

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