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It's an all natural nutritional supplement used by successful breeders, show persons & pet owners for over 60 years. Rex oil is an unrefined, nutritionally rich vegetable oil rich in linolieic acid, essential for healthy, lustrous skin and coat. We are one of the foremost leaders in Importing and Supplying BI Food Supplement Products.
Veterinarians and professional animal organizations have been using and recommending REX® oil for health, vitality, performance and breeding support for over 65 years. Tea Tree Oil Ear Cleaner soothes the skin quickly, cleanses insect bites, grazes and minor cuts on the earflap and help soothe itchy irritations in the ear canals of cats and dogs and can be applied to the required area of the pet's ear from the special dropper bottle. TO achieve this goal it is essential that your pet be cleansed with a great product that is not only wonderful for the dogs hair or fur , but also has practical benefits and is good for the environment.

Tea Tree Oil has been used for centuries by the Aborigines as a baim and for the treatment of many minor skin problems because of its penetrating, cleansing action, and can be just as helpful to maintain the health of your dog's and cat's coat and skin. This product is recommended for dogs whose weight is above the recommendations for their specific breed or those that have a lower activity level.
REX® oil is 100% pure wheat germ oil with no preservatives, extracted through a unique process that preserves more of the essential vitamins and nutrients of wheat germ as they are found in nature. You can use the product when your pet is ill or even in cold weather when the duration of bath is long.
BI Pet Cologne For Dog - Strawberry Red is perfect for travel, camping and hiking trips where a bathtub isn't handy! Essential herbs likes Neem,Aloe Vera and Tea tree oil offer nourishment to your best friends coat right till the roots.
Tea Tree Oil has natural insect repellent properties and so Tea Tree Oil will help to keep your pet's coat and skin free of ticks, fleas and other insect parasites.

The TeaTree oil lotion as the name suggests comes with natural TeaTree oil extracts, which gives your dog a lustrous coat and keeps all insects and fleas away. FEATURES Deodorizes the skin Makes coat lustrous Good substitute for bath Apt for dogs with skin irritation and dry skin Contains natural tea tree oil Removes all odor SPECIFICATIONS Quantity - 100ml Form - Liquid Use - Bathing spray Instruction - Spray onto dry coat.
Tea tree oil suits most of the dogs but in case your dog develops any side affects consult your vet immediately.

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