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If there is substantial amount of damage to the corner, and silicone will not work, you can use flashing or metal patch and roofing cement. I would try and use gutter caulk that gutter guys use , that stuff seem to work and hold up well.
Thanks for the replies, I think I will try using some plastic roof cement(the thick stuff) and not try to remove the corners.
From leaky joints and end caps to loose gutters or clogged downspouts, we can usually repair your gutter and downspout system. A corner is the weakest link in a gutter system especially when you consider that most metal gutters expand with heat in the summer and contract with cold in the winter.

I noticed when I hosed the gunk out, that all the corners are leaking and the homeowner wants them fixed. Our experienced installers will measure your house and form rain gutters to exactly the right lengths needed. I have in the past just mounded some good ole silicone caulk over the joints, trying to work it into the open seams on the inside of the gutter as a fast fix, but I know it wont last very long. The original installation wasnt riveted, they only have one screw on each side of the corner on the very top lip of the gutter.
I have never tried removing the corner and reinstalling with new sealant, because of the time involved and the cost to the homeowner.

Im just afraid if I ruin the corner trying to remove it , I will end up with a problem if a new corner doesnt match the profile of the original gutters.

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