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Examine the situations in which one is most likely to overeat or make certain food choices. Typical foods include blintzes, borscht, bagels, challah, gefilte fish, kasha, knishes, matzo. Discuss changes in the Native American diet, including the addition of alcohol, high-fat foods, and high-sodium foods. The popular term for African-American cooking is “soul food.” Eggs and some cheese are used Little milk is used (except for baking) Many of these foods are rich in nutrients, as found in collard greens and other leafy green and yellow vegetables, legumes, beans, rice, and potatoes. Most Asians living in America adhere to a traditional Asian diet interspersed with American foods, particularly breads and cereals.

Cost and accessibility, education and knowledge are the socioeconomic influences on food choices.
Discuss eating disorders and their relation to psychological factors influencing food choices. Key Concepts• Personal food habits develop as part of one’s social and cultural heritage, as well as individual lifestyle and environment.
Discuss how each of these influences impact on individual students’ food choices and habits.
Other parts of the diet, however, are low in fiber, calcium, and potassium, and high in fat.

Consider how hard it would be for a person in America to follow Jewish or Islamic dietary laws.

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