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Seasoned to perfection and marinated for a couple hrs before they’re dusted in flour and pan fried, this recipe can be adopted for any fish you like.
This recipe will also work great with fish fillets (bones removed) so that would be a good option if you plan serving this to kids. Today I thought I share a tasty grilled red snapper recipe with you all, as part of my month of grilling (June).
Totally awesome your recipes and documentation, and I love the inspiration behind your website. Become a Gold MemberВ now to enjoy our complete library of recipes andВ cooking lesson videos, and more!

I’ve never made hot pepper sauce before, but I know I can get my hands of a good recipe so stay tuned.
I know the average person from the Caribbean reading this recipe will shake their head thinking..
Born in USA but now that I’m here (in Jamaica) I had to google this recipe as some local restaurants have disappointed me terribly by deep (very much) frying the fish before adding the sauce and serving. I tried this recipe last week using tilapia (my local market did not have red snapper) and followed your directions step by step. This Caribbean inspired grilled red snapper will cause your taste buds to go into a state of frenzy and confusion as they’re hit with bite after bit of exciting Caribbean flavors.

I have to take a minute to thank everyone at Chelsea Brand out of Toronto for their generosity in sending me a huge supply of Red Snappers to use in my recipes. To make this easy and delicious dish I used snapper in the video, but you can use fillets and just about any type of fish instead. Close the lid of the BBQ and allow ti to cook for about 12-15 mins (depending on how thick your red snapper is).

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