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I purchased two beautiful snapper fillets with intentions to use them in an Asian-inspired dinner that could be made in a snap.
Asian flavors are marvelous with snapper and the following method is a low-labor, max-flavor recipe. That visit, we tried a dish that I had not had before: deep fried whole branzino served on a bed of a thick sweet-and-sour sauce. The branzino at Sun Fat was farm raised in Greece, so instead I bought wild caught red snapper from the Pacific.
I guess it’s the same way our daughters learned to appreciate fish, as my mom (grandma) would purposely make fried fish when she visited to get them liking something most North American kids passionately hate.

Seasoned to perfection and marinated for a couple hrs before they’re dusted in flour and pan fried, this recipe can be adopted for any fish you like.
The idea is to cook the fish on each side for about 4-6 minutes (depending on the thickness of the fish you use and how crisp you like your fried fish). This recipe will also work great with fish fillets (bones removed) so that would be a good option if you plan serving this to kids. After removing the ginger from the vinegar, I fried it until crispy in peanut oil and used it to top the finished salmon. This fish was ultra fresh, fried to perfection, crisp on the outside with a yummy flesh inside.

For me, it MUST be sea fish (I’m no friend of fresh water fish) and I want it hot and even better if the skin is a bit crisp.

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