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Diary of an obsession: It took four weeks and a dozen failed attempts before Iwas able to replicate the sumptuous red snapper curry I tasted in India. The recipe also calls for a spoonful (actually many spoonfuls, but I cut back) of Kashmiri chili powder to stoke the heat. Kokum: This is the dried dark purple fruit of the garcinia indica tree which grows along the west coast of India. In this recipe, the fruit is not used, but the very sour, tangy water in which it has been soaked.
Coconut oil: The recipe calls for coconut oil and that is what I used, since it adds deep, rich notes to the curry.

Note: A well-stocked Indian grocery store will be your best bet for Kashmiri chilies and chili powder, frozen shredded coconut (unsweetened), dried kokum, pure coconut oil and fresh curry leaves. Substitutes might include tamarind water, which is widely used for sourness in other parts of India, or even lemon juice mixed with a little water. It was Amit who, after a few false starts on my part, sent the real recipe from the hotel kitchen and who has genially responded to a flood of inquiries about each step of the process.
Purists will blanch, but I cheated by blending frozen shredded coconut from the Indian grocery with hot water. Bring briefly to a boil, then lower heat and simmer gently for 7 to 8 minutes, until the curry sauce is slightly reduced.

Towards the end, he added the tangy liquid in which kokum, a popular South Indian souring agent, had been soaking, and then some luscious freshly extracted coconut milk.

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