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5-Ingredient Cookbook: Fresh Food FastThese quick and healthy recipes combine fresh ingredients with pantry staples for speedy meals you'll feel great about eating. Herbed butter melts atop baked fish hot from the oven, filling your kitchen with wonderful fragrance. Early fall is high season for red snapper, known throughout Latin American as either pargo or huachinango, so it’s a great time to make this dish. Today’s recipe is an adaptation of the traditional whole-fish roast, a simpler weeknight way that makes reaching for a healthy alternative to meat an easy choice.
Roasted snapper fillets seasoned with rosemary, garlic and olive oil dusted with breadcrumbs and roasted in the oven or also excellent cooked on the grill. Snapper is a finely textured white fish that lends itself very well to herbs and seasoning.

Meanwhile, par cook the sliced potatoes by placing them in a medium sauce pan filled with cold, salted water. For this recipe I used red snapper because it's always been a favorite of mine but after cooking this last night I did some research and read that it has been overfished and is on a list for endangered species which probably explains the high price.
In Cuba, for example, snapper is marinated just the way chicken or pork is—in a garlicky mojo—before it’s oven roasted.  And in Mexico, home to one of the world’s most famous snapper dishes, huachinango a la veracruzana, it’s stewed in or roasted with a rich sauce made of tomatoes, chile, olive and capers.
Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to medium and simmer for about 5 minutes, until they are half-cooked. Prepare the baking pan or sheet where you will cook the fish by greasing it lightly with olive oil. I was crushed since this is a fish I really enjoy and I was hesitant to post the recipe, but then figured this would be a great time to bring up the topic of sustainable seafood, something I first heard of last year while in San Fransisco from Alaskan Seafood.

Brush both sides of the snapper filets with the butter mixture, reserving the remaining butter mixture. I prefer fillets with the skin still on which help keep the fish together while cooking and adds to the flavor.

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