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When I updated the homepage and was thinking about what to highlight, I realized one resource I had that I never really highlighted as much as I could have, primarily because for me, it’s second nature. The change to unprocessed, whole foods has been slow and a rather large learning experience but I realized recently that the slow process has now been happening for years and there are some items that I forget are being sold in boxes. I grew up on box mixes where all a person would need to do is just a few liquid ingredients and voila: food.

I’ve been reading (and pinning) from your blog for months and I have to tell you I adore it. I made this recipe last week using nut milk and coconut oil, and the pancakes were delicious. I used spelt flour bc I’m out of whole wheat pastry, and a flax egg instead of a real one, and it worked very well!

This recipe made 5 gorgeous, fluffy, crispy on the outside-moist and banana-y on the inside, mouthwatering pancakes, topped with just 1.5 tsp maple (no butter needed!).

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