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As Sally Bee was lying wired up to machines after suffering three heart attacks in a week, she turned to the cardiologist who was treating her and asked if she would survive.
After Jeff Stratioti of Duluth had a heart attack, his wife, Cindy Stratioti, made serious lifestyle changes for the couple, including what they eat. After three coronaries and major damage to her heart at just 36, Sally Bee shouldn’t be here today. She completed courses in nutrition and adapted family standbys, such as shepherd’s pie, into heart-healthy versions, handing out her recipes to the patients she counselled.
She should not be answering the door of her Stratford-upon-Avon home, or stirring the chicken casserole she has concocted for her children’s tea, or settling on the sofa in her sunny kitchen to talk about her new cookbook, visibly enjoying the excitement of its launch.
Sally, now 41 and looking every inch the yummy mummy, should have died five years ago after suffering three massive heart attacks in one week. A typical day’s food might be muesli with almonds and skimmed milk, fruit for lunch and chicken casserole in the evening. When I did pull through, the medics were stunned.”Until her heart attacks, Sally had always thought she was fit and healthy. That she did not is testimony to the ingenious ability of the human body to heal when aided by the right diet and modest exercise.Weakened, with her heart pumping at only 17 per cent capacity, she built up her strength progressively. Without warning I collapsed with classic heart attack symptoms – a terrible chest pain which I can only describe as a million times worse than childbirth.“I was rushed to hospital, by which stage I was hyperventilating and my fingers were numb.

I started to develop more recipes, borne out of a need for me to fix my body and at the same time cook things that were quick, affordable and that the children would eat.’ She compiled these into a book which she initially self-published to aid the British Heart Foundation (BHF). She added recipes from the dietitians at Essentia Health, with modifications.“We tweaked them to the flavors that we like,” Cindy Stratioti, 58, said of herself and her husband, Jeff, 59. But after it reached number one on the Amazon cookery-book list, and the story broke that Michelle Obama had ordered 12 copies for the White House, a literary agent got in touch.
I remember seeing her suggest pulses as a substitute for a child who loved hamburgers and chips.
All that night I had what they call a ‘rumbling heart attack’.“I pushed through the pain thinking it was indigestion – even picking up my baby daughter Lela.
As if!’Sally Bee’s understandably evangelical zeal seems an easy fit for the Obama White House.
Sally’s youngest, her daughter Lela, was only nine months old when she had her heart attacks.
She was disbelieving when she first heard of their interest but is now planning a trip to Washington in March, undaunted by the journey.
So I think we did OK, but we are doing a lot better.”The heart attack didn’t result in any particular soul-searching or long talks, the Stratiotis said. I was decades younger than all the other heart patients and the nurses would get upset seeing photos of my babies by my bedside.

In my late teens and 20s I had probably suffered mini heart attacks as the feeling is quite similar to angina.
At the time it was again dismissed as indigestion.“In a way I was fortunate to have had those because each time the blood supply was cut off in my heart, other vessels and veins had developed a natural bypass to compensate for my blood flow.
She started looking at what changes she could make.“He’d go to bed at night, and I’d be online checking recipes and trying to modify things,” Cindy said. He lowered his bad cholesterol, increased his good cholesterol and in a stress test scored above the 95th percentile for men older than 55.
It was a turning point.“I had always eaten well but started taking more notice of what my body needed and what was good for it and started developing recipes with healthy ingredients that empowered me,” says Sally, 46.
I’m just making healthy alternatives.”When they’d have friends and family over for dinner, people would ask for recipes, she said, even after she cautioned that they were heart-healthy recipes. After one such meal, an uncle challenged her to author a cookbook.“That kind of hatched the idea,” Cindy said.

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