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Mix flour, pepper, onion powder, and Cajun spices in a container large enough to roll legs in.
The Scenario: You have really great family recipes and you'd like to digitize them to ensure you have these recipes forever. I altered this super yummy, finger-lickin’ good recipe (that was originally intended for the oven) to cook up on my grill.
Now, I normally love me some charred chicken skin on the grill, so there will probably be a not so light version of this yummy dish to hit my grill at some point this summer.

The original recipe calls for you to combine all the ingredients, coat the chicken and place in a baking pan. Instead, I grilled up my chicken and basted it with the sauce about 20 minutes into grilling. Now I lightened this recipe up by removing the skin from my chicken legs and skipping the boiling portion of the recipe for myВ On the Lighter Side SeriesВ with Gooseberry Patch. Then I removed them from crockpot and placed them on a cookie sheet, basted with more BBQ sauce and broiled for 5 minutes to take the wow factor up a notch.

Additionally, this will allow you to share your great recipes with others by simply providing them a link. The legs should cook to an internal temp minimum of 165 to be safe, although I personally prefer the texture of a bird cooked to 170-180.

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