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June 29, 2013 by Noreen Leave a CommentAs part of my 4th of July recipes or summer recipes I had lined up that are perfect for grilling season, I bring you another grilled chicken recipe. So put that boring old chicken breast away and enjoy eating some tasty chicken drumsticks with your fingers. To prepare the chicken, mix all of the ingredients listed above and place the drumsticks in a plastic ziptop bag.В  Pour the marinade slowly into the bag and seal it, allowing most of the air to empty. When the drumsticks are finished marinating, take them out of the bag and let them warm up to room temperature. As the chicken starts looking more and more cooked, you can start to add your favourite sauce.В  Honey garlic, BBQ or hot sauce are always classic choices.
If you’ve ever tried grilling barbecued drumsticks straight from the package to the grill, then you may have experienced love at first sight but not at first bite. Due to the thick bone in drumsticks, this part of the chicken takes a lot more time to cook. The key to great barbequed chicken legs is to soak them in a brine (salt bath) for 3-4 hours. Brining and par-roasting the chicken in the oven then finishing them off on the grill on medium-low heat is my secret to great grilled chicken.
My whole family loves eating grilled barbecued chicken drumsticks, and I know your family will love eating them too.
Once the brine solution is at room temperature, add the chicken legs.В  Add more water if necessary so the chicken is completely submerged in brine.
Remove the chicken from the refrigerator and rinse the legs with water and pat each one dry with a paper towel. When the chicken has baked for 40 minutes, baste it completely with barbeque sauce on all sides. Place the chicken on the hot grill and reduce the heat to medium-low or to an indirect heat spot on the grill.В  Close the lid and cook the chicken for 7 minutes on each side until the sauce has caramelized and there are dark grill marks on the chicken. June 13, 2013 by Noreen 28 CommentsI know it’s been a while since I posted a recipe and I have no good excuses really.

This beer marinated chicken with spices and lime in the marinade keeps the chicken drumsticks so juicy and tender all through the grilling that it’s hard to mess them up. Instructions– Rinse and pat dry your chicken drumsticks and toss them into a zip lock bag.– Mix together all the remaining ingredients together to make a marinade.
I love cilantro and with the flavors of chilli and lime it would definitely be a great substitute.
Unlike my milder chicken drumstick marinade I did in my Grilled Beer Marinated Chicken, this one packs in stronger flavors with the sweet honey and the spicy chipotle peppers. They are perfect for grilling season and large family gatherings especially a 4th of July party!
Add salt according to your taste.– Pulse the mixture into a paste (smooth or course, whatever your preference) and give it a taste for seasonings.
There is something magical about taking a piece of meat you cooked – like a hotdog or a burger – in your hands and enjoying that fresh-off-the-grill taste. Then you can use your hands and enjoy some freshly grilled, juicy barbecued chicken drumsticks. The deep red caramelized sauce made up of sweet, savory, and smoky flavor is what summer grilling is all about. I remember being a newlywed 13 years ago and my husband flexing his barbeque skills at the grill.
I cooked them on the grill already basted with my favorite barbeque sauce just long enough for it to caramelize and char nicely. They are not very spicy and have a barely there hint of beer flavor that makes it down to the bone. Just pop them in a baking dish at 400F-425F for about 35-40 minutes turning it over halfway through the cooking process.
I personally think the chicken goes great with these salad sides- Sweet & Creamy Macaroni Salad or Apple ‘n Cabbage Slaw With A Light Cider or Vinaigrette. You may feel like it’s too spicy at first, but remember we’re marintating the chicken in it and taking the chicken out of it to cook, so it won’t be as spicy as the marinade on its own.– Rinse and pat dry the chicken drumsticks (you can use any cut of chicken you prefer.

Keep an eye on them, making sure to turn them every few minutes so they don’t burn.  Ingesting burnt meat is not a fun experience health wise, and doesn’t taste good either. When he plated these beautifully deep red chicken legs which were charred just right, I was so excited to dig in and eat. However, if you are willing to invest some time in preparing drumsticks you will be rewarded handsomely. Salt not only flavors the meat but it also helps to break down the muscle and tenderize the meat allowing the meat to soak up water producing a flavorful and moist piece of meat.
If you try grilling legs with sauce for more than 10 minutes you can (and likely will) burn and overcook the chicken.
You can finish it off under the broiler on hi for few minutes to get that grilled flavor too if you want. I just happen to think chicken drumsticks are great for barbecuing and easy finger food) and put them in a large zip lock bag.– Pour the marinade into the zip lock bag with the chicken. In terms of popularity, the chicken drumstick often plays second or third fiddle to the breast.
But the kid in me loves eating the drumstick – especially when it is covered in barbecue sauce. Let the chicken marinate for atleast a couple of hours in the fridge, overnight would be the best, to let the chicken absorb all the flavors. Let the chicken marinate for atleast a couple of hours in the fridge, overnight would be best to let the chicken absorb all the flavors.
Each and every piece as I laid them on greased grill, started to burn and smoke right away.

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