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The seafood in ceviche is “cooked” by the citric acid in lemon and lime juice, which firms up protein just like heat from a grill or oven does. The instructions are the same for the seafood part but you will save the lime marinade and add diced cucumbers and red onions slices to a glass casserole dish to the seafood so everything is flat. This had nothing to do with the weather, which was a bit cool, and everything to do with the refreshing, lively flavors in a bowl of colorful ceviche. To make ceviche, raw seafood is “cooked” in a lemon-lime marinade and tossed with spicy jalapeno, cooling avocado and the flavorful crunch of red pepper and red onion.

However, if you prefer more of a raw texture (as some sushi lovers do) you might want to marinate the seafood for less than two hours. Get the Primal Blueprint Meal Plan for Shopping Lists and Recipes Delivered Directly to Your Inbox Each Week. Atlantic, salmon (Coho, Sockeye or King), Yellowtail snapper, Pacific halibut, bay scallops, spot prawns or cocktail shrimp. However, if you can’t get past the idea of uncooked fish, don’t write ceviche off completely – you can always boil all of the seafood briefly so it’s pretty much cooked, then just marinate it in the citrus juice for flavor.

This recipe uses a combination of halibut, snapper and shrimp, but use whatever seafood combination sounds best to you. In fact, this is recommended for shrimp; not because of bacteria but because it helps prevent the texture of the shrimp from getting too chewy and tough.

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