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I want to share my dad’s Texas chili recipe with you, and first tell you this story about him.
Every time when we got down there, he would have a bag of M&Ms in the pocket of his green windbreaker with the oil rig patch on the arm. Make a batch of cornbread to go with it, even another pot of vegan chili, too, and satisfy the meaters and non-meaters alike! P.s Thank you a million times for sharing your memories about you and your Dad, they made my heart melt.

Since I thought that cool weather had arrived, at least temporarily, the issue where they did one of their iconoclastic trashing with their New England arrogance of yet another regional specialty, Texas chili, caught my eye.
Surprisingly, they weren’t as arrogant as usual, so while I was reading the article, I actually contemplated trying out their recipe. I should have specified that I usually buy chili powder and tomato sauce without salt, so it’s measured for that. Btw, I also love how you took your childhood memories and made them into a delicious bowl of Chili!

I got so tired of trying to recreate it, with horrible results, that I started searching for a chili recipe to stick with.

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