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As long as you’re having a Skinny Chicken Fajita, check out our recipe for Skinny Mexican RiceВ andВ have one SkinnyLicious meal.
Step 1: In a large saucepan over medium high heat combine chicken, black beans, tomatoes, peppers, onions, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, cumin and garlic powder.
For similar flavor without the heat, I suggest subbing a smoky but not too sweet BBQ sauce for the chipotle in adobo.
One giant bowl of {brown} cilantro lime rice, chipotle chicken {although the pork is mighty nice too} topped with the mild pico and the corn salsa.
So I tried annnnnd I think I did it, except maybe with fewer calories, which helluuu is a win-win! Slice the chicken breasts in half horizontally so then you’ll have 6 chicken breast halves.
Pull the chicken out after an hour and let it come up to room temperature on the counter for 25 minutes or so.
Once they are fully cooked, remove them to a plate and repeat with the remaining chicken breast halves. Earlier while the chicken was sizzling away in the skillet, I had brown rice cooking away in my rice cooker. It goes; rice, beans, peppers and onions, corn, chopped chicken with a small side of ripe avocado, diced tomatoes and sour cream. For the chicken: In a large bowl combine the halved chicken, lime juice, cilantro, minced chipotle peppers.

Pull the chicken out about 30 minutes before you're ready to cook, so they can warm up a tad. In a medium bowl toss the brown rice with minced cilantro, salt and the juice of half a lime.
The closest Chipotle for me is about 2 hours away so sadly I’ve only ever eaten there once but it was oh so good when I did! I wanted to tell you that this marinade was the inspiration for a fundraiser dinner for the youth program at our church. Place chicken mixture on top of the rice in each bowl, and top with chips, cheese, sour cream and lettuce. I always make a lot of chicken, so my husband can fill his bowl up and there will still be leftovers to make little tortilla wraps on the nights I work.
Just like the peppers, toss and then let them sit only tossing occasionally until they’re soft and with some delicious charred bits.
Slice and chop the chicken into pieces and continue to chop until they're smaller bite-size pieces. Spoon the brown rice into bowls and top with peppers, onions, corn, black beans and the chopped chicken. I too love making meals from scratch and would be preparing this dish on Sunday for my family. DH and I love Chipotle, but the one by us is always CRAZY crowded so this gave us our fix without having to deal with all the teenagers.

DirectionsUse two medium bowls, add chicken to one and bell peppers, onion and jalapeno to the other.
But definitely two breasts will easily feed 4 people, 3 breasts will give you a good amount for leftovers. These chicken breasts have some heat and it’s just enough to make your nose start to run. Once the pan is hot, work in batches by adding two chicken breast halves in the pan at a time. Place the chicken back into the pan to keep warm on low but if you're using a cast iron skillet it will stay nice and warm for a while so you can just leave the heat off.
Plus I’m always looking for great recipes that are easy to scale up for a crowd and this one is also definitely one of those. Cook for about 5-6 minutes per side {or until fully cooked} and then place the cooked breasts on a nearby plate and continue with the rest of the chicken.

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