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We've teamed up with top street food vendors and bloggers to create an exclusive downloadable street food recipe booklet to get your culinary juices flowing ahead of this year’s British Street Food awards.
We have created a free vegan gluten free recipe book for you to download, featuring 10 of our favourite vegan gluten free recipes. Amaranth is Packed full of minerals & complete protein (up to 87% of your daily requirement) See our recipe idea on the pack.
It can be difficult to follow a Paleo diet, and many paleo friendly products and recipes really contain ingredients that are not on the paleo diet. In addition to the over 350 recipes you will have instantly available to you, the Paleo Recipe Book will assist you in planning your meals and shopping for food. The Paleo Recipe book is currently available as an ebook, instantly downloadable in pdf format.
I have conducted a review of one of the newest paleo recipe books on the market, the Paleo Recipe Book.

It is a complete recipe book that features over 370 recipes for anyone following a paleo diet or lifestyle.
This recipe book was born out of a desire to make the paleo lifestyle more accessible for anyone who is interested in learning more and adopting a paleo lifestyle.
This means that the recipes use red meat, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, salads, and eggs. Over 395 pages are dedicated to making the recipes easy to follow for even the most inexperienced cook.
The Paleo Recipe Book is full of tips to making the paleo lifestyle easier to follow, and less time consuming than if you were to search for individual recipes, or attempt to substitute paleo friendly foods in non-paleo recipes. The Paleo Recipe Book can be downloaded onto a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone for easy access where you are cooking.
Here’s a pdf preview of the book, its introduction and approach, the recipes, and one sample recipe that makes a delicious lunch or dinner.

SГ©bastien NoГ«l, the founder of Paleo Leap, guarantees this paleo recipe book, offering a no questions, 60 day money back guarantee. The book has several recipes for soups, snacks, side dishes, breakfasts vinaigrette dressings and condiments, and even desserts, all of which are paleo friendly. The recipes do not require any special equipment or use any extreme, time consuming preparation techniques.
The paleo lifestyle doesВ notВ utilize grains (wheat, corn or oats), dairy, legumes (beans, etc), sugar, vegetable oils or preservatives, so none of the recipes in this book will call for these ingredients. The Paleo Recipe Book is divided into 18 different sections, making recipes easy to locate.

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