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If eating healthy is one of your goals for 2011, I suggest investing in some quality cookbooks to enhance your culinary experience. Reflecting the latest research and updated recommendations for healthy eating, this cookbook makes it fun to eat right and contains tips for smart shopping, quick tricks for judging portion sizes, and delicious substitutions.Author BiographyThe American Cancer Society is an organization committed to fighting cancer through balanced programs of research, education, patient service, advocacy, and rehabilitation. It's not surprising that avocados, broccoli, and salmon made the list, but you'll find recipes for sweet potatoes, sable fish (high in omega-3 fatty acids), and pistachios. Eat Your Books has indexed recipes from leading cookbooks and magazines as well recipes from the best food websites and blogs. From the amazing creative team at Good Housekeeping, The Complete Healthy Cookbook is packed with dishes that look good, taste terrific and will leave you feeling great.

Every triple-tested recipe is easy to follow, and guaranteed to work first time, every time. Each power food is given an informational page listing its health benefits, which are cross-referenced with recipes featuring the ingredient — handy! From Start the Day, Soups & Salads, Lunches & Light Bites, Weekday Suppers, Pasta, Rice Noodles & Grains, Weekend & Special Meals, Meat-Free Meals, Breads, Biscuits & Cakes, Desserts & Puddings and Vitality Drinks, you'll find a tasty recipe for every day and any occasion. A quintessential health-food cookbook, the pages are filled with recipes featuring 38 potent ingredients.
There's also a section in the back on how to use these power foods to combat different health issues like arthritis to hypertension.

Just because the nutritional properties of the ingredients were the most important criterion for their inclusion doesn't mean that the 150 recipes included in the book skimp on taste.
The bold photos of each recipe capture the flavor of each dish and the soon-to-be cook's imagination.

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