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Sabertooth began his raw paleo diet journey January 2010 and in 9 months he was just so excited with his results he just had to let the forum members know about his personal health success, with pictures! My diet has been simplified over the past few months and I feel content with what I am currently eating.
But after taking a careful look at Kamea’s vegan diet and what a growing child needs, and starting to recognize some cracks in our own adult vegan diet, I started to feel differently about it all. Nuts and seed oils (as well as grains) can be high sources of omega six fatty acids, which can be a problem especially when my diet wasn’t a strong source of omega three fatty acids in spite of my consumption of hemp, chia, and supplements. I questioned the amount of grains and legumes we had in our diet and how it contributed to our problems. Ban has been on the diet for four years, and now co-owns a string of Paleo-friendly food carts in the Rose City with his girlfriend, Heather Hunter. Nutritionist Anna Rossinoff with OHSU applauds the diet’s focus on cutting out processed foods, but questions completely cutting dairy and grains from everyday intake.
The idea of eating like our ancestors has inspired some zealous Paleo Dieters to follow a stricter ancient diet, one that humans enjoyed before discovering the benefits of cooked meat.

Rossinoff agrees, adding there are a host of bacterial infections humans can contract from raw meat, even if it’s taken from a trusted source. Ban and Hunter said a huge amount of community support, combined with the popularity of the Paleo Diet, helped them create first a single food cart, then two more. I began having doubts about our vegan diet when she became strangely sick in the early fall. Since switching back to an omnivore diet, I’ve learned there are legions of people with nearly identical stories to tell, including more than a few esteemed nutrition and health experts. The common thread: We were vegan, some quite smugly, thinking it was the human ideal of a smart-n-healthy diet, but then, only after several years, started to experience health problems, and then switched back to omnivore, and the health problems disappeared. Even more so for former raw fooders, whose restrictions (such as avoiding grains) make some vegans’ diets look like junk food.
A protein shake here and there, no biggie, but to have it much more often than that because we were trying to add protein to our diet is another deal altogether. Honestly, I knew crucifers could be problems for people with thyroid issues but I presumed my thyroid was in top shape.

When eating an all vegan diet (aside from breastfeeding), keep in mind that there is little margin for error, not just with nutrients, but plain old calories. So the strange irony is that hard-core vegans and raw fooders actually have more in common with, say, a hard-core paleo diet than the population at large.
And, even if you are raw, there’s a lot of omega six fatty acids in a raw diet while lacking quality omega three fatty acids to balance it out.
As I was not usually all raw, once I started looking closer at the vegan foods I was eating, I was pretty shocked at what I found.

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