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I mean David Wolfe talks all this spiritual wu wu BS about love and non judgment and just being tolerant of others and then he trys to drag a fellow raw food speaker thru the Governmental Legal system that he knocks so much.
Robb Wolf’s dietary philosphy is Bottom Line: Eat Right + Fasting = Better Results WOW!
PS: Its vital that you wear your vibrams when eating icecream or donuts, otherwise its just not primal remember! PPS: Refined sugar is primal and thats why Mark Sisson adds it to his Primal Whey Protein powder.

I always thought I had put enough flex shots on youtube to last but people want to see hourly shots it seems. You have to be over 18 to view it but its everyday life according to the Weston A Price, Primal and Paleo fad diet puppets.
You wont see me putting MDMA in some chicks cacao drink, punching someone out or suing a raw food speaker. All I see is some nice crew that have been suckered and now have nothing but fat guts, old flex shots and constant carb cravings to show for it.

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