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One of the biggest complaints I hear about eating a healthy diet (high raw or something else) is the cost of food. Until I figured out some tips to make it work, I was spending between $600 and $800 a month just to feed myself on a high-raw diet!
People who claim that spending a lot of money on food is “an investment in their health” could choose to pay for private fitness lessons at the gym for the entire year, and probably have enough money left over for massages, chiropractor visits, and more!
A 100% raw foodist could not live on the same budget as a cooked food vegan because fruits and vegetables are more expensive by calories.
For example, the approach I lay out in my main book tells you how you can eat for just about $3 a day on a plant-based diet.
Someone could well decide to exclude certain items from the menu such as grains and still manage to still within the budget guidelines, and someone else could decide to combine the best of both worlds, such as a high-raw diet with some cooked calories. Frederic Patenaude has been an important influence in the raw food and natural health movement since he started writing and publishing in 1998. Here is my answer to the question of how to spend only $100.00 per month on a raw plant-based diet. MARK, I’m with you on spouting and proper food combining and I buy most of my produce organic. Interestingly the word organic isn’t mentioned, i would rather pay more for my fresh produce but eat less of it and know as sure as i can trust my supplier that i’m not consuming a couple of kilos a year of all those nemerous nasties non organic food have!
I agree with quality — especially if there are allergies in the family or you are on a restrictive diet.
You might spend less on food shopping at different stores but in California, where the gas prices are high, you will end up spending your food savings on ga$. They are Rice, Beans, and popcorn have become my cooked food staples, most everything else is raw. The raw fooders I do know in this area, are eating sprouted beans or grains, some of which did not agree with my sensitive gut. I don’t do well with other grains or eggs anyhow, so until I can get more educated on this raw food journey, or God sends a personal raw food chef my way, this is long ways from how I used to eat.
I also would urge everyone to emphasize the vegetables in their diet, whether vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist or consumers of animal products and avoid excess fruit consumption. When choosing for cheap food, know that you choose for GMOs, hormones, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and more mischief. I started gaining weight as a teenager even though I was eating the same foods as my skinny friends.
In 2010 I started improving my diet and doing research on nutrition, weight loss and health.
In 2011 I switched to a plant-based diet that was 70-100% raw, depending on the season and fruit availability. Most of the time I was balancing between all these approaches and incorporating some cooked foods in my diet. In 2013 I decided to take my fitness and health to the next level, so I started exercising regularly and committed to a 100% raw vegan diet.
The positive experience of changing to a more healthy diet and lifestyle inspired me to become a nutritionist and health coach so that I could help others.
Proponents of a raw food diet say that this way of eating also promotes alkalinity in the body, which reduces inflammation and promotes recovery. Some raw foodists do opt to eat meat, which is cold-smoked so as not to heat it above the temperature limits. Advocates for a raw diet argue that all the protein we need can be found in plant sources, including B12, whose primary source is animal protein.
Athletes who follow a raw food diet claim to get all the protein that they need on the diet, including body builder Nick Stern. Many nutritionists recommend taking supplements to support a raw food diet – especially B12 and iron.
The preparation may require purchase of some new equipment: a dehydrator, sprouting jars, a quality blender (such as a Vita mix), and a quality food processor. However, a little prep work and some planning goes a long way, and athletes who choose the diet swear by their improved performance and faster recovery times.

According to the IRS, the average person in America spends $301 on food, and the average family of four spends $765. According to my own calculations, vegans, raw foodists and health enthusiasts spend over $512 a month on food on average. I’m about to show you a simple way to eat amazingly well and only spend $100 a month on food, or about $250 for a family of four. That’s a saving of over $2412 if you’re the “average” American, $4944 if you’re a single health food shopper, and much more for a family of health food shoppers! Keep in mind that to have that $5000 available for food or other spending, you typically need to earn close to $7200 (at a tax rate of 30%).
And even when I expanded my raw food diet to include a wider variety of plant-based foods (not always raw), I still spent close to $500 a month on food. And no matter how much I tried, every time I would get out of the health food stores with two bags of groceries, it would cost me over $80. I needed to carefully evaluate how much value (both nutritionally and financially) out of every dollar that I spent, and create a simple formula that allowed me to manage my food costs easily. I'll be honest with you, it's not possible to eat a 100% raw food diet and only spend $100 a month, unless you grow your own food or steal!
However, I have created an optional bonus eBook that will show you how to live on a raw food diet for less than $10 a day, which is half of what most raw foodists spend! Instead of being able to afford a personal trainer to get fit, MORE money is being eaten away by our food budget, with less for everything else! Here's an example of the latte factor in action, but also how most vegans and raw foodist spend too much money on food.
If you want to lower your total food costs to have more money to spend on other things (including other areas of your health) or to save it, you need a complete system that works! Successful strategies to stay ahead of inflation and always spend MUCH LESS than most people on food.
This isn’t a vague collection of tips such as “freeze leftovers” or “make food in big batches.” I go in the nitty-gritty details so nothing is left to chance. I’ve seen a book or two promising a budget of $4 or $5 a day on a plant-based diet, but they’re essentially collections of recipes using cheap ingredients. What's likely to happen is that you'll start loving the new recipes and foods you eat and you won't really miss your old way of eating that much. The eBook (110 standard pages) — $37 value — The main part of the program is the eBook "How to Eat Well for Under $100 a Month on a Plant Based Diet" by Frederic Patenaude.
Cheatsheet to Take to the Store— $20 value — You'll also get an amazing cheatsheet showing you exactly how to tell if a food is a good deal or not, and what are the maximum amounts to pay for each category of food! Also includes a pocket version that you can keep with your wallet at all time to know when a food is a good deal or not! The material in this eBook will save you thousands of dollars in your food bills every year. My goal was to spend only $100 a month on food, and yet eat better and more nutritious foods than I was before. I also compared prices all over different cities, and compiled all the best ways to get the best deals on food.
The price list tells you exactly what is the maximum amount you should spend for each type of fruit, vegetable, grain or other food.
The system for eating $100 a month on a plant-based diet allows you to eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables.
So the approach that must be taken for each diet is different, but can be combined together.
This plant-based diet would include 2-3 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables a day, and of course sources of calories such as potatoes, beans, and some grains.
He is the author of several books, including The Raw Secrets, the Sunfood Cuisine and Raw Food Controversies. Frederic has experimented with many diets and specializes in raw food, vegetarian and vegan topics, as well as how to balance a healthy diet in the real world. I’m a RAW Living Foodist and have found that by sprouting, juicing and making smoothies my meals are simple and full of nutrients so I eat much less.

I was working very long hours, and eating a poor diet of primarily packaged processed foods.
I have tried different raw food approaches, including gourmet raw, high fat, low glycemic and high carb raw vegan. The diet also aids digestion and puts the least amount of stress on the body by offering the most nutrients for minimal processing by the body. Some common sources of plant-based protein found in the diet include nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, sprouted legumes (such as soy), coconut, hemp, flaxseed, and some dark leafy greens. Green smoothies are a staple of the diet, which should only represent a variation on the traditional protein shake for many athletes. I was a raw foodist, spending at least $600-800 a month on food, sometimes more, and I wasn’t even buying all organic! You can do it easily though on a well-balanced plant-based diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.
If you insist on eating everything organic, you might not be able to bring your food budget down to $100 a month, but you'll succeed in slashing it in half, at the very least. After your initial experiment is over, maybe you'll want to keep the $100 food budget as a baseline, but allow extra money for eating out.
When a bag of organic groceries can easily cost $80 and a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a fresh smoothie can cost over $6, I know that people who care about their health spend a lot of money on food.
So this is why I created a companion eBook that goes into more details on making this budget system work for raw food diets. Nowadays, I spend more than this amount on food, but it’s still significantly less than what I used to spend.
Maybe eating organic food is really important to you, so in this case you’ll alter the strategy and the monthly budget for that. I go to the greenmarket or grocer with an attitude of gratitude, and when I sit down to eat, I express that gratitude for every hand that brought the food to my plate.
I understand that not everyone can afford to eat well, and I sympathize with everyone who has to make do with SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), and hope they live through the ridiculous sequester budget cuts. I was in such a rush and sleep deprived that I didn’t have the time or energy to prepare healthy food or exercise. Athletes such as Brendan Brazier, who wrote Thrive, argue that a raw, plant-based diet is key to better athletic performance and faster recovery times. This diet is often referred to as a “living” diet since the natural enzymes in the food are still present and since foods such as seeds, grains, and legumes are often sprouted (soaked until the seed begins to grow). However, most raw foodists argue that meat and animal products promote acidity in the body, which impairs digestion and adds stress to the body. I agree that coupons can offer fantastic savings… that is if you like to live on mustard, canned foods and bottled dressings.
Couple that with the fact that fruit trees, once established bear food year after year with little labor. This was the beginning of my unhealthy relationship with food which took me years to get back in balance.
In this 4-part video training I share everything I did to change my diet and mindset, in order to reprogram my body to want to be fit and slim.
For healthy foods that I recommend, you don’t need coupons and you will easily be able to cut your food budget down to $100 a month.
Health was the most important thing in my life, however, I smoked, ate processed foods, refined sugar, meat and dairy.
Other treats – such as a banana “ice cream” – simply require that you throw the ingredients into a food processor until their done.

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