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Not literally zero carb but eating only from the animal kingdom: muscle meats, organs, and fat of sea, sky, and land animals alike -- the raw meat diet for humans.
I mean, look at Derek, he used to look like some loser sickly tramp who suffered from some inexplicable illness for 7 years.
And I began this diet in January of this year following the unexpected early arrival of my youngest baby. If it will help you communicate with your family, we should all shoot our personal videos about why we are doing raw paleo diets. I was hoping you would mention your illness and how the Doctor’s medicines did nothing, but the diet brought you out of it.
Little to nothing is said about the possible health benefits we can get from raw animal foods.

I don’t understand how anyone can watch this piece and see anything positive in it for the raw food community.
To the therapist; There is only one danger in all this and that is in letting the feeling of power engendered by eating only raw meat over rule oneself and allowing it to abuse life and other beings. You sold out man, you accepted whatever pittance they offered in return for letting them butcher and sensationalize your story. I felt relaxed and for the first time in my life, at peace with the world and everyone in it.
She had been under so much strain raising our babies while dealing with all my sickness and periods where I could not work to provide for them. I have a family who eats cooked food, and I never parade my raw food in front of them, nor do I find that I am separated from family because of what I eat.

I was looking through web sites about Weston Price and found some links by Good Samaritan which lead me to the raw paleo site. I have just recently started back towards eating only raw meat as I have found that my body is under huge stress with normal foods and cannot abide the feeling of fear anymore. The last part of the show shows a compromise struck with Derek’s family for Derek to stop eating road kill and the maggot infested high meat.

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