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I experienced very little of the typical bloating during the milk diet, but I did have problems with staying “regular.” So I deviated from the plan a little (which doesn’t include supplements) and took magnesium and vitamin C throughout the last 10-12 days of the diet to help move things along a little, so to speak. A few tips for the raw milk cure fast are to buy the milk during the time that the grass is growing more rapidly in your locale. No fiber at all–and I will do a full post on the milk diet and digestion where I will explain in full. I stopped taking my usual supplements after the first day, because I really wanted to give the raw milk diet a run for its money, per se. Elizabeth, can you tell us more about the carbs in milk, it appears to be alot of sugar but how does it affect you.
The nutritional advice provided through this website is intended to educate individuals about diet and a healthy lifestyle approach.
So, if we’re going to succumb to the calorie counting theories, I should have gained about 3-5 pounds on this diet. I definitely think anyone attempting the milk diet should have as reliable a source as possible! That’s one reason I wanted to do the milk diet for at least 3 weeks, so I could see the real effect of it during different parts of my cycle. I’ve thought about doing a raw milk diet myself, but it hurts the pocket book at $13-15 gallon around here. Raw milk seems to help some, but loads of raw milk isn’t the right diet for everyone.

It is now 60 days later and I thought it was time to revisit the results and give you an update of where I am today because of the Raw Milk Fast.
However, while on the milk diet my basal temp rocketed upward and has remained that way since.
This is be covered over at least 3-4 posts in all, so in a couple weeks this blog will be teeming with milk diet results information! I noticed a WHOLE bunch more after I was vegan for 6 weeks then added raw milk back to my diet. And yes, even a year and a half later, my temps are still in the normal range after doing the milk diet. I did not go on the diet because of it healing or its weight-loss abilities, which I have read many articles about. Also digestion of curd takes very less time as compared to digestion of milk since curd is predigested broken down form of milk. Being a raw milk lover I went on the raw milk fast to experience what it would be like to only exist off raw milk for 30 days. Unpasteurized milk still contains the enzymes that aid in its digestion letting the body make short work of the raw milk. There are some stories about people overcoming lactose intolerance on the milk diet, but I don’t know too much about that myself.
I have just come off the GAPS intro diet (2 months), and although my goal was not to loose weight, I do have aboutВ  40 pounds I would gladly shed.

I did do some mild exercise during the milk diet, though I really tried not to overdo it at all.
If you have a lot of trouble tolerating certain foods you might want to look into the GAPS diet. It’s a restrictive diet, but very healthy and eventually you get to introduce things back in. When I tried a low carb diet, eating only healthy protien and organic veggies I gained 10В  pounds in a month.
But, what I am saying is it is just like all diet’s in that when you go back to your normal eating habits they will control if any weight-loss is maintained. If you want to read more about detoxing abilities of raw milk I would recommend Ron Schmid’s book, The Untold Story of Milk, which can be found in the book section of our Amazon store. Today I am finishing up the day ofВ  fruit and will begin my adventure with raw milk in the morning.

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