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People with cats or small and medium sized dogs find Real Food For Pets to be very affordable. To manage the cost, many large and multiple dog owners mix Real Food with a premium kibble. Real Food For Pets is priced, per serving, very competitively with premium canned dog and cat foods.
But dogs have no dietary need for grains, and appear to be much healthier on a primarily grain-free diet.
There are sensible solutions for pet owners who worry that it takes too much time or costs too much to feed your dog real meat. As a small breeder of Havanese, I tried raw meaty bones and raw meat from a butcher's scraps, which I ground and fed my dogs a few years ago.
Have never needed a dental on any of my dogs, and toy breeds are well known for their tooth problems, retained puppy teeth etc.
My dogs were never this healthy when I fed kibble - beautiful coats, no skin issues, no doggy odor, no bad breath, beautiful teeth.
That was 15 years ago… re the vet tech who has seen perforation from raw poultry bones. I do not feed raw because as a vet's assistant, I saw with my own eyes, from the inside, gastrointestinal punctures caused by raw poultry bones. I feed mostly BilJac Frozen with BilJac dry when traveling for more time that I can keep the frozen food cold.

The result is that it slows digestion, which prevents the meat from digesting rapidly as it should.
My vet, who recently retired after forty plus years, said he has never seen any problems caused by raw bones of any kind.
My "allergic" dogs ceased having problems; gained weight, stopped scratching and grew their hair back.
I can see why the Delta program does not allow raw fed therapy dogs after this, as many patients are immune compromised, similar to a young puppy whose immune system is not fully developed, and this could bring life threatening infections into their environment. Certainly good looks are part of the equation, but for my breeding program, the health of dogs in a pedigree that can be traced is at the top of the list of requirements for a stud dog or brood bitch.
This year I decided to send a sample of my food to a lab for analysis to be sure it was adequate for a new baby pup and it tested perfectly for the right balance of protein to calcium, etc. Sadly I tried to get my male TM into a therapy dog program for the USO at our nearby airport to greet the returning soldiers. I believe that for a person who has only one adult dog, a raw diet is a good choice, especially if they can afford the raw food that is specifically made for dogs, not butcher's scraps.
While this may be OK for many people, small children, ill and elderly people are at risk from exposure to these.
They have Grain Free, and Farmers, but the original recipe DOES have corn, but the corn is cooked for 45 minutes in another place, THEN added to the food, as carbs for energy. It's possible that companion dogs, like poodles, having been bred to eat from the plate of its owner, could have problems, but as I say, "real dogs need real meat".

Cooking the food is not only unnecessary, but it destroys many of the nutritional benefits of raw. The overall health, good structure and longevity of my dogs are proof enough to me that raw is better for my dogs. In Michigan, where I live, it's deer season, and my complete kennel has been eating raw venison scraps for over a month.
It is chicken based (all of it), but a dogs' perceived problem isn't with the chicken, it's with the fat and digest (flavoring) that is put on the kibbles afterward, which is also why you would have to wean the dogs if you change to any other food except Bil-Jac.
Many sell commercial dog food at their clinics, and a large part of their practice is devoted to the skin allergies, dental disease, and weight problems of commercially fed dogs. I know people who feed raw and if it works for them fine, but that is not the only way to have healthy long lived dogs. They don't advertise, so many people don't know about the dry food, which has been in existence for about 25 years.

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