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The single most important step you can take to keep your cat healthy is to choose a high quality, species appropriate diet. Sometimes a cat owner's efforts to provide a healthful and illness preventing diet to their pet are met with disdain from the cat.
There are two instances where you must be cautious about withholding a preferred food from your pet.
If scientific details don't interest you, feel free to skip this section and know that diets high in fat, sugar, and glycemic index trigger a vicious cycle in the body that leads to chronic illness. In order to prevent inflammation and promote wellness, I recommend that you choose your cat's diet with the following goals in mind.
The main advantage is that raw food moves slowly through the gastrointestinal tract leading to increased digestion and nutrient absorption with optimal effects on GI flora (good bacteria that constitutes a large part of the immune system). The advantage of home cooked diets is that using fresh, cooked, unprocessed meats has many of the benefits of a raw diet without the risk. Soluble fiber may be added as a benefit to obese, diabetic cats or cats with chronic diarrhea or constipation. Disadvantages of this diet are the cost and the fact that these foods are somewhat processed.
Some companies that have good reputations for high quality "natural" diets include: Nature's Variety Medallions that you can lightly cook (doing so gives you the advantage of unprocessed raw foods without the risk of bacterial contamination.
People with cats or small and medium sized dogs find Real Food For Pets to be very affordable.
To manage the cost, many large and multiple dog owners mix Real Food with a premium kibble.
Real Food For Pets is priced, per serving, very competitively with premium canned dog and cat foods. Many popular commercial diets, which are heavily processed, high in sugar and fat, and have a high glycemic index, trigger an inflammatory response in the body.

A sick cat who is losing weight must be offered anything they will eat until they are strong enough to change to a more optimal diet. The disadvantage of this diet is the potential for infection from bacteria in improperly handled food. This is more important for pets than for humans because pet owners tend to feed the same thing to their pet for years unlike humans who can balance their own diets with common sense and lots of variety. Every ingredient we use comes with a letter of guarantee from the supplier that the ingredient is human-edible. Cats often suffer from conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, cystitis, colitis, cholangial hepatitis, pancreatitis, and cancer. We can test for CRP levels in a patient; high levels indicating high levels of inflammation. There are actually a greater number of illnesses reported from commercial cooked foods than reports of actual bacterial illnesses from use of raw foods. Veterinary nutritionists do not recommend following a basic "recipe" for homemade diets because these diets cannot be balanced without knowing the specific ingredients and their specific weights.
Choose foods that are high in protein (10% or higher dry matter as is on label), no additives, no grain, and with quality ingredients. Many people, including veterinarians, have reported to us that skin problems, arthritis, and other problems have cleared up just by mixing Real Food with the kibble.
Many people have been able to make home cooked food for their pets with minimal cost and time invested. However, a basic, vague recipe is given below as a starting point so you may vary the meats to please your pet.
But dogs have no dietary need for grains, and appear to be much healthier on a primarily grain-free diet. Some commercial cat foods have changed very little for decades despite advances in human nutrition clearly demonstrating the relationship between poor diet, inflammation, obesity, and insulin resistance.

The more varied a diet, the less likely it is that there will be deficiencies but, also, ironically, the more difficult it is to balance. Much of this information is based on studies in animals and cats, being obligate carnivores, are likely even more susceptible to this process. The immune system is compromised, decreasing the body's ability to remove cancer cells, and kidney and liver functions are affected with chronic inflammation. A way around this would be to take a basic diet and choose the exact ingredients you plan to use in your homemade diet, weight each ingredient. Veterinarians have been conventionally trained based on researched funded by major pet food manufacturers, to learn about deficiencies but not about how diet can prevent disease. She details the health benefits and gives tips on food preparation and how to transition your cat onto a homemade diet.
It is the hope of the American Holistic Veterinary Association that veterinary researchers, independent from pet food manufacturers, will embrace the pursuit of evidence based support of fresh, whole food diets to prevent disease in cats and dogs. If you are set on making your own raw food, do not get your met from a grocery store chain. You must give them specific ingredients and measurements in order for them to do their calculations. They will also formulate a diet for you from scratch and specify foods and supplements that are fresh, whole, and containing no synthetic vitamins.

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