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When my roommate Gabby asked me if I wanted to join her on a raw foods diet for the month of May, I said yes without hesitation.
Rose has written half a dozen books about raw foods and detox diets, but of the several that I’ve seen, this is my favorite. Full of delicious and surprisingly simple snack recipes, this book taught me the basic principles of making raw desserts (including really awesome carob sesame halva candy). From some of the original raw foods advocates and gourmet chefs, this part-prose part-recipe book looks how mounting evidence about the importance of omega-3 fatty acids led these pioneers to reconsider their high raw diets. Raw Food Detox is an easy, effective guide to changing your eating style and getting you to a place of better health. I did a similar raw experiment following multiple raw guides and blogged about it last fall.
The book is full of tempting recipes and simple tips for transitioning to a healthier diet.

Foods that are "cooked" should not be heated above a temperature of 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The thought process is that foods heated about 120 degrees Fahrenheit lose their nutritional value, leech them of key enzymes and amino acids that are essential for a healthy lifestyle, and subsequently release toxins into the food due to the breakdown of those key nutritional components. However, based on websites like We Like It Raw and Raw Food Life, there are many that have experienced positive results such as having more energy, better overall health, stronger immune systems, better skin and hair, and healthy weight loss. I was able to get my hands on a book called Raw Food Detox by Ulrika Davidsson - an easy read, providing basic and simple information on the processes some of our foods go through prior to reaching our tables. A month of eating light, fresh and raw seems like exactly what I need to make the transition from spring to summer days. I started flipping through the book, with its tantalizing photos, and realized that contradictory or not, these recipes seemed DELICIOUS! There are differing lines of thought between nutritionists and scientists that our stomach essentially breaks down and destroys any enzymes in its acidic environment.

If you’re interested in going raw or justВ incorporatingВ more raw recipes into your diet, these are good resources to get you started. After reading the introduction, I had a better understanding of Davidsson’s approach with the Raw Food Detox. I have noticed that I tend to have more energy when I eat foods that are more whole-some versus processed, unhealthy foods that leave me feeling sluggish and bloated. Not all of the recipes are fully raw so this book is the perfect way for people (like me) to dip their toe into the raw pool and see how far they wade in before potentiallyВ choosing fully diving in.

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