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The idea of the raw food diet is simple and powerful: once you stop clogging your body with man-made antinutrients, and start eating more fresh raw foods full of important vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, beneficial bacteria, fibre, live water and life force energy, your body in all its intelligence will magically heal itself. Apart from the cravings lack of minerals cause, being devoid of these important nutrients can also directly cause you to put on weight, because the minerals needed for the correct functioning of different organs are not there.
You will be able to eat cakes, pancakes, cheese, pizzas and crisps, as well as tasty salads with creamy dressings, delicious vanilla and berry smoothies, fresh fruit juices, breakfast cereal and fermented nut cheeses, home-made raw food champagne, and marinated mushrooms and onions.
Drinking vegetable and fruit juices, which is a big part of the raw food diet, will start a detoxification process in the body, allowing it to become more efficient at healing itself each day. With raw food weight loss, you will first start losing the bloatedness, as you give up alcohol and processed carbohydrates. Prepare plenty of raw food in advance: crackers, kale crisps, raw food pizza ingredients, frozen chocolate cake, almond milk and banana ice cream, etc. Take it easy on the olive oil, however, because it is often not raw even it is extra virgin and cold pressed. If you are quitting caffeine as a part of your transition to raw - which I highly recommend - be prepared to suffer for 2-3 days of headaches and tiredness because of the caffeine addiction. It is always possible that there are some underlying health conditions which are harder to get rid of, which are causing you to put on weight. For best results, check yourself for food intolerances using the pulse test, get a hair mineral analysis done for mineral deficiencies, and get blood test and general check with a doctor done, discussing your plan for a life change via raw foods. This is an image of Angela Stokes, author of the website Raw Reform and co-author of The Raw Food World, who lost all this weight by following the raw food diet, after reading Victoria Boutenko's book: "The Raw Family". Below is an image of Jon Gabriel, who lost 225 lbs (102 kg) and who is the creator of the 'Gabriel Method', where he teaches people how to 'lose weight without dieting'.
There are plenty of other testimonials on how quickly and efficiently one can lose weight following the raw food diet.
Raw foods weight loss - my personal journey and raw food testimonial following a green smoothie diet and eating raw foods.
While pregnant with the twins I got up to 200 pounds and at only 5 foot 4 that is a lot of weight to carry around on a small frame. I strive to learn more every day about raw foods weight loss and eating living foods and vegan nutrition and have dedicated this website to helping others.
If you are here because you are struggling with your weight please know that raw foods weight loss truly works and it's healthy and simple. There are many pages on this site devoted to how to get started on a raw food diet along with recipes for raw foods and green smoothies. So thanks for reading a little about me.While I do realize there are far more dramatic raw food transformations out there - this one is mine.

It will of course require some discipline but, to be honest, if you have tried other diets before, been counting calories, tried to exercise with not much energy, and prepared tasteless low-fat foods - raw food weight loss, by comparison, will be very easy and much more enjoyable. What this means is that when you eat many processed, cooked foods, they have very few nutrients in them. As a result, many organs in the body will malfunction, which can cause uncontrollable weight gain. In fact these good fats can actually help with quick weight loss, as they will start your body's fat-burning mechanism. The green juices and mineral-rich foods will improve your moods and nourish your body, beginning the cleansing and strengthening process. Eat more than usual but include fruit salads, green salads, smoothies and juices into your diet everyday, don't live off raw snacks and gourmet foods, such as pizzas, all the time. It is also possible that your body for some reason does not agree with a certain food, even if the food is raw.
You can also get the books from the 'Raw Food World' (link above), where sells the same books but also products. It is not a complete raw food diet but he emphasizes the importance of raw foods and combines these ideas with 'you can eat what you like' philosophy. Thanks so much for visiting the Raw Food Diet Solution and the raw foods weight loss page- and believe me when I tell you - it IS the solution and it CAN work for you!
High carb, low fat, low carb high protein, powders, shakes, weight watchers (I GAINED weight and was starving all the time!) I exercised every single day - literally 7 days a week. Here I learned SO much about health and foods and nutrition and started to eliminate processed foods and sugars from my diet, including bread which I loved to eat, but honestly just giving up bread can make a huge difference - try it! Try going raw or mostly raw for just 2 weeks or if you're brave - try it for 30 days and just see for yourself what can happen when you feed your body what it needs! But there is more to raw food weight loss than that: the natural, uncooked and unprocessed proteins, carbohydrates and fats are good for you, and help your body with healing and slimming down, as compared to their cooked counterparts.
Raw food diet will start you on a mineral-rich lifestyle, allowing these organs to heal themselves.
Healthy raw foods are more tasty than cooked ones in general and if you are willing to invest in a couple of raw food cookbooks and to learn to dehydrate, you will be amazed by what you've been missing!
You will also create toxic byproducts which will cause your body to send white blood cells to the blood stream because it sees the food as an invader. Cooked (damaged) fats in foods will not be recognised the same way by the body and will not start this process. But the comfort raw foods are very important as well, to keep your taste buds happy and your body not feeling hungry.

But buy your nuts from a shop where you can make sure that they are raw and that they have no added sugar etc. Other sugar alternatives include stevia, sugary fruits and berries, raw maple syrup, and black molasses sugar.
This will also help to ease the detoxification process of the raw food weight loss and make you feel better, while supporting your liver and kidneys in their cleansing effort. If you're too uncomfortable and worried about strong detox symptoms, slow down the transition and include some more healthy cooked foods in your raw food weight loss diet, before slowly reducing them again. Raw food weight loss is generally easy to achieve but if it doesn't feel right or you worry about anything, slow down or stop.
Keep in mind that it is impossible for me to guarantee that it is safe for you to go on raw foods so be careful and don't hold me responsible! If you go to Raw Food World and read the article 'About Angela' you can read her life story for free.
On a raw food weight loss diet it will be easy to get huge amounts of minerals, vitamins, and all the other important nutrients from your food.
Raw foods generally are like cooked foods, just made from better, as fresh as possible, ingredients. Pasteurized juices are not raw but they are still very good for you, cleansing and filling, and a good substitute when you don't have time to make your own 'live' juice. Black molasses sugar is not raw but it is nevertheless much better than white sugar since it includes minerals and vitamins in it and is less processed.
The raw food diet is a powerful tool for purification and weight loss and it should be respected as such. You will lose weight until a point and then it will typically stop for a while - you will come to a plateau. If we can properly harness and increase our Life Force Energy through simple dietary and environmental principles, and therefore cleanse and bring our bodies back to their natural, harmonious frequency, we can experience radically improved levels of health, beauty, and happiness. It is important to persist through this phase as more raw food weight loss will be on its way!
The more raw foods I ate, the better I felt and the more raw foods I craved and the faster I experienced raw foods weight loss.

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