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Sarah Chamberlain recommended that I check out the a book “called Give Your Dog a Bone, by Ian Billinghurst, he is an Australian vet and the book is exceptional for raw food diet. We have friends who put their dogs on a raw food diet and have had nothing but good things to report. People will always disagree on this topic, but I do encourage you to continue your research and come to your own conclusion on what is appropriate for your dogs. Let us know your progress on your discovery of a BARF diet, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Reach a targeted audience of Dog Lovers!I currently offer Sponsorship Packages that include product reviews, advertising, and sponsored posts for a 12-month period. I’m not a veterinarian or dog nutritionistThe information I share is specific to my dogs and is not intended to diagnose or treat your dog.
Without a doubt, one of the best things that you can do for your dogs, is to feed raw foods. I know that you have read and possibly heard many great testimonials and about the benefits of feeding their dogs raw foods.
Whether you have an American Bully, American Pitbull Terrier or an English Bulldog, the tips below will improve your dogs health.. While doing some research the other day I ran across an article that trashed people for using eggshells for dogs.
I decided to write this article to clarify the benefits of using eggshells in your dog’s diet. Let me start by saying that I have fed my Bully dogs, and even my little Yorkie Terrier, eggshells for years, without any problems.
I place shells in my blender at highest speeds for about 15 seconds, stop, then then repeat for another 15 seconds. This recipe will feed 3 grown dogs American Pitbull Terriers, American Bully etc, for two meals each. Feeding home cooked meals will greatly diminish your dogs need to drink water because home cooked meals such as the on on this page, are high in water content. Most of all, regular feeding of meals such as this one will result in a healthier dog with much more vigor, a more beautiful coat, stronger bones and alertness.

If you decide to share this with your dogs, you may want to clean chicken a little bit better and add eggshells after you have served yourself. Fleas live and multiply on your dogs by sucking their blood, only after blood is sucked can the fleas begin to multiply.
As many of you may already know, I feed my dogs on a semi cooked to raw diet depending on the ingredients being fed that day.. Though my dogs will eat most vegetables raw,they have never developed a taste for raw garlic. 4)Vacuuming For Flea Control Vacuuming regularly helps to control fleas indoors as it sucks up fleas and eggs at the same time.
This cream is an absolute must have if your dogs are itchy,a life saver for any one with a kennel.
Used in conjunction with each other, the above suggestions and regular baths have worked very nicely for me and some of my friends time and time again. Many dog owners have come to reconsider commercial dog foods since they are highly processed and often contain harmful chemicals. As a veterinarian my opinion is 1)feed the best quality food (ie ingredients) you can afford, and 2)whatever you decide to feed be it commercial, home cooked or raw, ensure it’s BALANCED.
Blog articles may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written consent of Kimberly Gauthier, owner of Keep the Tail Wagging. Firstly let me say that feeding your dog a raw diet does not mean that you have to totally stop feeding kibbles.
As I tested this new feeding method and grew less skeptical about it’s results, I gradually increased the amount of raw foods that my dogs were eating.
As a matter of fact, I believe that doing so has been very beneficial to my dogs because eggshells is a great source of calcium.
As the creator of many of my dogs meals, I often improvise, making sure that all the essentials are met. I am here to tell you that you can easily prevent your dogs from becoming infested with fleas. It literally takes just a few fleas to begin a rapid, total infestation of your dogs and home.

Itching and scratching can cause the dog’s skin to become raw which then leaves it susceptible to infections. Of course me caring for my dogs does not necessarily mean that I have sufficient knowledge to suggest a course of treatment for any one.
It is not for use on your dogs though, rather, it is for use in it’s surroundings such as kennels and carpets. Pet alive Flea Derm soothes your dogs skin and greatly reduces itching, allowing infected areas to heal.
This isn’t always as simple as it seems, especially for young growing animals or pets with specific diseases such as kidney problems or diabetes.
After about three weeks, one of the first things that I noticed was that my dogs were much more active and alert. I will introduce you to supplements that I have given my dogs for many years in another post really soon.
Calcium is very beneficial for stronger bones, nails and teeth, not only in dogs but also in humans..
In addition, using eggs for my dogs protein and the shells for calcium, have given my pocket a big break from the expense of having to purchase calcium powder. You may also find adult dogs or puppies whose immune systems are compromised may become anemic.
We especially do not recommend giving your dogs cooked bones, particularly chicken, not just because of the loss in nutritional value but because it can splinter and pose as a choking hazard. Carrots, broccoli, many different greens, raw chicken with back and neck bones, raw beef, pork, turkey, tripe, liver(in small quantities), beets, sweet potatoes, eggs, eggshells, fish with or without skin and tons more.
Without doubt, something about the smell or taste of garlic repels fleas big time.One year I even blended a mixture of garlic and water in a milk jug and doused my dogs.

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