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It’s something we will encounter at least once in our lives as dog owners, and in my opinion (possibly because of a cultural heritage that associates food with comfort and love) it’s one of the most frustrating of all problems.
If your dog experiences a lack of appetite or a change in behavior that lasts for over a week, always have him or her seen by a vet. This next part is important: The single most natural way to increase a dog’s appetite is to warm their food because it increases the smell and makes it more appetizing. Some picky eaters get the appetite of a sumo wrestler when their diet is switched over to a BARF diet, an acronym for “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones,” or “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.
Racing greyhounds and sled dogs have long eaten raw food diets, and extending that feeding method to the family dog is a more recent idea attributed to the Australian veterinarian, Ian Billinghurst. I’ll start with the simplest remedies and work my way up to a radical solution that worked for one of my dogs. Don’t make these next foods a daily staple because the high sodium content of many of them would be contra-indicated for dogs in renal failure or with heart issues. Pet-Tinic, is a liquid dietary supplement containing iron, copper and 5 essential vitamins. If none of the aforementioned tips work, this is where I get really serious because my own philosophy is that a lack of appetite is a lousy reason for a dog to die.
Stuffing: This is my least favorite means of getting food into a dog because it’s messy and degrading. Well, I had a picky eater and a dog with some food sensitivities so I made the move about 2 years ago.
I certainly didn’t have the struggles you had susi, but I did have a male setter that had to be stuffed for most of his entire life. For drugs, also consider various anti-nausea medications if there is some hint that the dog might be feeling nauseated. I show my dogs and the combination of the raw chicken for breakfast, raw beef bones to chew on during the day and Taste of the Wild kibble in the evening keeps their teeth clean, breath fresh and their coats thick and shiny.

Lynn, you make a good point about planning for a boarding situation or an unexpected stay at the emergency hospital. DogKnobit is a curious blend of dog tips and trivia, product reviews and musings gleaned from 30 years in the dog fancy - all shaped by the perspective that nothing is more serious than a sense of humor; A life shared with traffic-stopping dogs proves it daily. I believe a raw diet is the healthiest option for most dogs, and CogerВ has fedВ her dogs aВ raw diet for over 20 years.
Thanks to a mentor and friend, I was introduced to the Volhard diet, one of the first raw feeding plans. Anyone who thinks they cannot feed a balanced raw meat diet for their dog should sit back and THINK. Having fed GENERATIONS of Keeshonden on raw since the seventies, I offer as proof my success in both the breed ring, obedience, rally agility, and now herding work, with over 50 champions and 100s of working titles - many titles achieved by dogs working into their teens.
Now to the comment by Pat Hastings about being able to tell which dogs are on meat diet because the front end structures are invariably deformed. The tips offered here are admittedly simplistic and you really should discuss them with your vet to see if any of them are a realistic remedy for your pet’s situation.
These foods cost more, but they’re made with better ingredients and are nutritionally dense. Raw dog diets are controversial, but proponents of feeding raw meat, bones, fruits, and vegetables are zealous in their enthusiasm for the improvements they believe they see in their dogs. He believes that adult dogs thrive on a diet based on what canines ate before they became domesticated. I prepared my dog’s food as if I was going to syringe it into his mouth, only it was syringed into the tube that had been inserted into his stomach.
Feeding him took less than five minutes and afterwards, he would run with my other dogs, bark into the wind, enjoy the sun on his back and know that I adored him. But for those who live in states that allow Medical Marijuana or allow recreational use, you may consider baking some chocolate-less brownies or other edible form.

It’s good to know that the device works on cats, as well, and the more people that are aware of this option for our pets, the better!
I’ve never looked back, rather continue to learn more and strive to feed my dogs in accordance with their biology. My approach to such things is to first look for obvious, but often overlooked reasons (put another way, when hearing hoof beats, think horses not zebras).
It takes a bit of time to get the hang of this since you don’t want the dog to aspirate food into his lungs.
In less than a week, the dog knew the sound of the blender, knew what was coming and would lie down on his side in preparation for his meal. I have no strong feelings one way or the other about feeding raw, and I’m puzzled by why it is such a contentious issue among dog people. Having heard this about sparking white teeth, I gave raw chicken wings a try several years ago but didn’t stick to it long enough to see the results friends were getting.
I couldn’t agree more with you that after fighting so long to get food into them, the stomach tube was downright liberating.
That’s why you want to check the dog for a bad tooth as this is often overlooked as a cause of an eating issue.
My dog had quality of life, I enjoyed his companionship for a little while longer – it was all good. Add a small amount of the new kibble to the old food each day, and the next day, increase the amount of the new feed while decreasing the amount of the old.
Obviously this has to be done carefully to avoid fighting but, so long as they’re healthy, it has always worked for me.

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