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I can tell you in a nutshell that junk foods, meat, dairy, and gluten (grains) are said to be the causes of inflammation. Some people start out eating raw to heal, but end up staying raw for good because they love it. Many of us play with a raw food diet but are flexible about including certain cooked foods and some others find they even prefer a little bit of animal products on occasion in their diet.
For those who like to be prepared in advance, here are some things you can do to get ready to go 100% with the 21 Day Raw Cleanse on Monday! It’s also helpful because timing is important when going raw, and if the timing doesn’t turn out to be right, you have plenty of time to try and try again!

And imagine experiencing all this for yourself without having to wonder if you are doing it right, without having to wade through countless raw recipes to find the best of the best, without even having to think about what to make or what to buy!
On the 28 Days Raw Program you get 4 one-week menu plans with directions for preparing every meal of the day along with 2 weekly shopping lists!
If you sign up today to start on Monday, you can get in on the last day of the Early Bird Special on both the 28 Days Raw Program or the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special, our best deal! A balanced raw vegan diet such as the one on The 28 Days Raw Program menu plan is awesome for you if….
Start shopping for non-perishable items now: organic extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, Celtic sea salt, raw honey, seasonings, seaweeds, nuts and seeds.

Shop for produce on Sunday ideally, unless you have a Saturday Farmer’s Market near you.
In fact, the Lifetime Membership that the programs come with is almost necessary to be able to make use of and absorb all the materials and resources that make up the programs! Some people will follow a raw menu plan while others will limit their intake to whole fruits and vegetables.

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