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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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Keep in mind that you do not have to commit to a 100% raw food diet in order to enjoy the benefits of raw foods. Get free Detox and Healthy Living tips in your inbox!Receive practical tips on how to increase energy, feel better, and love who you see in the mirror every day!
AboutJennifer provides Health Coaching & Iridology to clients, teaches Raw Food, Detox & Eating for Success courses, and continues to educate, motivate and inspire others on their journey of healing.
My skin clearing was my biggest accomplishment in going raw, doing detox and seeing the results.

Also my energy has improved and I have more passion about the things I do in life, something that I never expected from simply changing my food!!В I feel more connected to my body and to Mother Earth. The real transformation happens not from a quick fix diet, but when you make long-term changes and healthy habits for life. I digest food better and I enjoy the flavors in food more, and believe me there are so many beautiful delicious flavors in simple natural foodsВ – just try fresh tamarind, ginger, jack fruit, apricots, papaya, pineapple or mango and you will understand!
I alsoВ started an elimination diet, and found the cause of my rash to be from an intolerance or allergy to certain chemical food additives.

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