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Pet Samaritans are derbyshire stockists of the award winning Natures Menu diet for dogs and cats. Natures menu are committed to ensuring the meats they use in their products come with the highest welfare standards and traceability. Their range of complete and balanced bite size nuggets are provided as easy to serve, ice cube sized nuggets that you simply need to count out into your dogs bowl when frozen, leave to defrost (overnight or for around 2hrs) and then simply hand the bowl to your dog, its as simple as that! They are a convenient way of feeding a complete and balanced raw diet, just as nature intended, and can be much easier than making up a dogs raw meals yourself at home.
Natures Menu only use in date, human grade meat from ethical freedom food assured farms, and all their food passes stringent safety tests. We stock the full range of natures menu available for collection from the Sanctuary in Chesterfield and usually have the Raw Complete and Balanced Bit Sized Nuggets 1kg bags, Just Minces and Raw Cat Food and Pouches range in stock.
As part of our Raw Revolution series, K9 Magazine's readers have been sending questions through about raw feeding.
This month nutritional advisorВ Caroline Griffith from Natures Menu will answer 5 of the most commonly asked questions we received. Alongside nuggets we would recommend then adding raw meaty bones at least a few times a week for oral health, plus the behavioural aspects raw meaty bones provide outlets for. Unfortunately there is no definite set rule as each dog is different, and although a completely different way of feeding dogs seasoned raw feeders actually enjoy the fact they can supply a diet that is totally unique to their own dog as an individual, just as when you balanced your own diet or the diet of your children, an element of trial and error regarding the dogs likes, and dislikes will be required. Supplements do tend to lend themselves more to addition to a home made raw diet, where owners like to be able to create the most nutrient rich meals they can for their best friends. Caroline says: We offer a ready blended fruit and vegetable mix that can be fed alongside our plain raw minces. If you have any further questions about raw feeding, please send them in and we will endeavour to answer next month! Sign up for the free K9 Magazine newsletter and we'll send you The 100 Greatest Dog Training Tips of All Time eBook (normally sells for 7.99).

A raw diet recreates the way our pet's ancestors have eaten in the wild for thousands of years.
The ability to customize your pet’s diet by selecting the exact type of formulation you want to use is one of the Bravo! Until recently, many people thought kibble (grain-based dry food) diets were the best food to feed their pet.. As well, most kibble has a low percentage of the high quality meats, organ meats, bones and vegetables a pet needs for good health. Dog and cat owners who have already switched to raw, as well as a small but growing number of veterinary professionals now feel that kibble may sustain life, but may not promote health.
Whether you decide to feed 100% raw or a combination, the idea is to feed a variety of high quality foods, including all five of the main pet food groups important to better pet health. Here at Natures Menu we are on a mission to make feeding your dogs and cats healthy, nutritious, biologically appropriate foods as stress-free and easy as possible.The Natures Menu raw range includes complete and balanced meals, just meat and mixers.
Natural raw food inspired by mother nature with recipes and answers to common well-being issues.
Owners could choose from our selection, for example, of 13 bones and chews including chicken wings, duck wings, turkey necks or marrow bones.
Raw feeding is fun and really not as scary as it may seem, our team of raw advisors are also always available to discuss the diet with you. Raw meals are genuinely natural and unprocessed, they are the types of foods a dog is biologically designed to deal with, making them less likely to cause issues in a switch over. This can lead to the raw meats being held in the gut for longer than it is naturally designed to do and potentially could cause digestive issues. All vegetables, if fed, must be ground down to break up the cellulose part that dogs cannot digest easily.
Here you'll find advice on everything from dog training to dog diet advice as well as interviews with well known dog lovers and insightful features on the broadest range of canine lifestyle topics.

They are made from various combinations of fresh raw meat, fresh organ meats, uncooked bones, fresh vegetables and added vitamins and minerals.
Yes, meat and other proteins are added to most kibble formulas, but at a much lower level than is available in a good raw diet.
Dogs with sensitive stomachs need to switch straight over too; these dogs are already showing sensitivity to their existing diets (usually dry cooked grain based). Left to their own devices, their typical daily diet, like that of their wild cousins (wolves and the big cats), would involve catching (or finding) and eating another animal. The specific product you select should be based upon how you prefer to prepare your pet’s food (from scratch or serve a prepared complete and balanced formula right from the package) or on the specific needs of your companion animal. In fact, most commercial grade kibble use little to no real meat in their formulas and low percentages of quality protein. Natural diets were replaced with highly processed pet food diets based on grain products (kibble), rather than meats, organ meats, bones and vegetables.
Unfortunately, many commercial products also use poor quality meats as the protein ingredient in their formulas and they are processed at very high temperature under very high pressure, which further reduces the nutritional value. Sometimes you can barely see our desks for thank you letters from owners of dogs who upon switching to raw have produced their first firm stool in years! Complete and BalancedIf you opt for a complete and balanced product, this contains all the nutrition your pet needs; just count out your nuggets using our handy raw feeding guide, thaw and serve. For more information about how to read a pet food label click here to download a pdf of How to Read a Pet Food Label, an article from Animal Wellness Magazine on this topic.

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