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This article has been a long time coming, and it is hard for me to post pictures and write about my journey with acne.
Finally, after years of struggling with facial and body acne, I feel like I am ready to share what I have learned to stop zits and breakouts. Since I started breaking out at a young age (no one else had acne yet) my parents and I tried all kinds of things. Nothing really put a dent into the acne, no matter how much on the spot acne treatment stuff I applied.

You get breakouts and pimples when oil glands get infected with bacteria, causing an inflammation response and filling up with white blood cells and pus. Sugar causes spikes in energy and blood sugar, and generally leads to a compromised immune system, low energy, and a cycle of eating more sugar.
Allergies and food sensitivities cause your body to go into an immune response, leading to constant inflammation, and reducing your body’s immune response sensitivity over time. Picking pimples is not recommended, it causes scarring, and just encourages more pimples in the same spot.

At that point in my life candy was a staple in my diet, and so were processed sugary foods like cakes and cookies.

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