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We have found that when families follow their child's progress using flexikins, both the child and parents are more likely to keep doing stretching exercises.
Village rehabilitation workers have just made a brace for a child with polio whose leg bends back severely. In addition to using the small flexikins for record keeping, you can make large flexikins for group teaching. Note: For recording contractures, we have found the side-view flexikin more useful than the front-view one. We have given you a 'flexikin' so that you can measure and see the progress that your child is making with his exercises or aids.
In certain cases you may want to measure how far the child can straighten an arm or leg by herself, and how far you are able to straighten it for her (little by little without forcing).

Here you see the progress of a leg until it became straight and a brace could be made for it. EVALUATING THE PROGRESS OF THE WHOLE CHILDA simple way for rehabilitation workers and parents to evaluate how a child is progressing as a whole is to keep a record of her ability to do different things.
Copyright (c) 2007-2015 Japanese Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilitiesпј€JSRPDпј‰All Rights Reserved. As a result, many contractures can be partly or completely straightened in the home, and there is less need for casting and surgery.
Stand beside the leg to be exercised, and place one hand above the knee to keep it straight and the other hand under the heel. The Child Development Chart on Page 292 and 293 will help us to do this for younger children.

Chart A is more objective (requires less personal judgment or opinion) but does not allow for small improvements. For children over 5, at the end of this chapter there is a simple chart (RECORD SHEET 5) for evaluating a child's increasing ability to do things.When the parents and child themselves regularly measure and record a child's progress, they become more aware of gradual improvements.
This chart shows the developmental levels ('milestones') for different skills and activities. For evaluation to become a family tool, we need a way to measure, record, and interpret information that is as simple, clear, and enjoyable as possible.

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