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TV Week reports that Rachael Ray's talk show is still beating other new talk shows in the ratings race. Two of my favorite things came together in one place: Rachael Ray and Dancing with the Stars. Rachael Ray recently attended the American Magazine Conference in Phoenix, hosted by the Magazine Publishers of America. Ad Age gave two magazines the title of Magazine Launch of the Year and Every Day with Rachael Ray was one of them.
All our voting must have worked - Rachael Ray won a Quill Award in the Cooking category for Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats. The launch of Everything Rachael Ray's redesign (thanks again, Maddie) and my interview being published at Food Candy made this an exciting week. If there’s one female celebrity chef that I admire a lot (and I know there are many of us who do), it has to be Rachel Ray. Rachael was exposed to the art of cooking at an early age when she was around three or four years old.
As she was growing up, Rachael got more exposed to a variety of cooking techniques courtesy of her maternal grandfather and the family of her dad.

If you like to learn some quick yet delicious recipes for your every day meals, just tune in to the Rachael Ray Show. Cooking may not be her main profession but this famous talk show host can really cook and has excellent skills that can compare with the real chefs out there. Her family owned a number of restaurants in Massachussets and Rachael herself got involved in several jobs that dealt with food and drinks until she got into TV hosting. If you love watching the Rachael Ray Show and trying out her latest recipes, we recommend you head straight to our new Food & Wine collection. But it was only lately that I learned that this amazing woman actually has four shows in the Food Network and 14 best-selling cookbooks. The collection highlights a mix of food memoirs and narratives, as well as lots of delicious recipes and wine advice to explore.
Currently, she also has a magazine called Every Day with Rachael Ray and has a line of kitchen products that are of vibrant colors (orange, yellow green, red and yellow) unlike the usual black and silver colored ones we’re used to seeing. Some of our favorites include Try This (travel the world just by trying out new restaurants),В Culinary Reactions (learn about the science behind some of the most basic recipes) andВ Wine on Tuesdays (think В everyday wine-buying suggestion book). I was very proud of her!Just have to say that after reading lots of posts this week, I am seeing a bit of a trend - lots of folks are trying to figure out why Rachael Ray has achieved so much success instead of focusing on why so many people don't like her.

The week got even better when I got an email saying that I should get my new Rachael Ray cookbook, Classic 30 Minute Meals, soon! Here is what the blogosphere has to say about Rachael Ray and her recipes this week:Whitney Matheson at USA Today's Pop Candy shares Yahoo's list of the Top 20 Misspelled Searches. If you do a post about something Rachael Ray related, please drop me a line so I don't miss it!Ed Levine wrote a thought provoking post about a recent New York Times article about Rachael Ray (I'll give you mine next week). The promo is there too, if you want to watch it!Bob Sassone at Slashfood gives his seal of approval to the Thanksgiving issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray.Andrew and Cass tested one of Rachael Ray's restaurant picks in Charleston, South Carolina. Looking at their pictures makes me want to visit that city!Jill at Strawberry Blush (an Everything Rachael Ray reader and Rachael Ray show superstar) has a clip of her appearance on the Rachael Ray show in case you missed it!
What a great idea!Grant McCracken discusses what Rachael Ray can teach us about branding in the marketing context (not the cattle context, obviously).

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