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TV Week reports that Rachael Ray's talk show is still beating other new talk shows in the ratings race.
Two of my favorite things came together in one place: Rachael Ray and Dancing with the Stars. Rachael Ray recently attended the American Magazine Conference in Phoenix, hosted by the Magazine Publishers of America. Ad Age gave two magazines the title of Magazine Launch of the Year and Every Day with Rachael Ray was one of them. All our voting must have worked - Rachael Ray won a Quill Award in the Cooking category for Rachael Ray 365: No Repeats. The launch of Everything Rachael Ray's redesign (thanks again, Maddie) and my interview being published at Food Candy made this an exciting week. By following Ray's advice, the hard part of making dinner will already be done when returning home after a long day at work.

Her appearance at the American Magazine Conference caused quite a buzz, with the new burger joint and just the fact that people get all worked up when she gives an interview anywhere.
I was very proud of her!Just have to say that after reading lots of posts this week, I am seeing a bit of a trend - lots of folks are trying to figure out why Rachael Ray has achieved so much success instead of focusing on why so many people don't like her.
The week got even better when I got an email saying that I should get my new Rachael Ray cookbook, Classic 30 Minute Meals, soon! Here is what the blogosphere has to say about Rachael Ray and her recipes this week:Whitney Matheson at USA Today's Pop Candy shares Yahoo's list of the Top 20 Misspelled Searches.
If you do a post about something Rachael Ray related, please drop me a line so I don't miss it!Ed Levine wrote a thought provoking post about a recent New York Times article about Rachael Ray (I'll give you mine next week). The promo is there too, if you want to watch it!Bob Sassone at Slashfood gives his seal of approval to the Thanksgiving issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray.Andrew and Cass tested one of Rachael Ray's restaurant picks in Charleston, South Carolina. Looking at their pictures makes me want to visit that city!Jill at Strawberry Blush (an Everything Rachael Ray reader and Rachael Ray show superstar) has a clip of her appearance on the Rachael Ray show in case you missed it!

I recommend the newest one: Classic 30 Minute Meals because it offers a bit from each of her bestsellers. The first was Spicy Thai Chicken (one of my personal favorites) and it was so good that there were no leftovers. It's such a creative premise for a blog: She's watching all Oscar winning movies in order, one a week, with a themed dinner to go along. What a great idea!Grant McCracken discusses what Rachael Ray can teach us about branding in the marketing context (not the cattle context, obviously).

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