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He was associated with the falcon, the symbol of other sun deities who protected the pharaohs in later myths. Up until the mid-twentieth century, theories of Egyptologists postulated that the Heliopolis priesthood established this pesedjet at Heliopolis in order to place their local sun-god Ra above all other deities such as Osiris.
It appears almost certain, rather, that the Great Ennead - the nine deities of Atum, Geb, Isis, Nut, Osiris, Nephthys, Seth, Shu, and Tefnut - first appeared during the decline of Ra's cult in the sixth dynasty, and that after introduction of the new pesedjet the cult of Ra soon saw a great resurgence until the worship of Horus gained prominence. Afterward worship focused on the syncretistic solar deity Ra-harakhty (Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons).
Ra shared many of his symbols with other solar deities, in particular Horus, usually depicted as a falcon. As with most widely worshiped Egyptian deities, Ra's identity was often confused with others as different regional religions were merged in an attempt to unite the country. Atum-Ra (or Ra-Atum) was another composite deity formed from two completely separate deities, however Ra shared more similarities with Atum than with Amun.
In later Egyptian mythology, Ra-Horakhty was more of a title or manifestation than a composite deity. His local cult began to grow from roughly the second dynasty, establishing Ra as a sun deity. The Middle Kingdom saw Ra being increasingly combined and affiliated with other deities, especially Amun and Osiris. RA-HORAKHTY: This was not an actual deity, but more of a title, it refers to the Sun's journey from horizon to horizon.

By the fifth dynasty he became a major deity in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the mid-day sun, with other deities representing other positions of the sun.
After the deities were paired with pharaohs, the children of Hathor were considered to be fathered by Ra. During the Amarna Period of the eighteenth dynasty, Akhenaten introduced worship of another solar deity Aten. In artwork Ra primarily is depicted as a man wearing a pharaoh's crown (a sign of his leadership of the deities) and the wadjet sun disk above his head. This made sun deities very important to Egyptians, and it is no coincidence that the sun came to be the ruler of all. Ra traveled in the sun boat with various other deities including Set and Mehen who defended against the monsters of the underworld, and Ma'at who guided the boat's course.
He rides on the primordial waters, called Nun, in his sacred bark (boat) along with a number of other deities across the sky, where at sunset he becomes Atum, the "All Lord".
Wallis Budge (1857-1934) claims that Ra was the one god of Egyptian monotheism, of which all other deities were aspects, manifestations, phases, or forms. As his cult arose in the Egyptian pantheon, Ra often replaced Atum as the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather of the deities of the Ennead, and became a creator of the world. The deified solar disc represented his preferred regional deity as he attempted to lessen the influence of the temple of Atum. Both Ra and Atum were regarded as the father of the deities and pharaohs, and were widely worshiped.

The idea of different deities (or different aspects of Ra) ruling over different times of the day was fairly common, but variable. His worship increased massively in the fifth dynasty, when he became a state deity and pharaohs had specially aligned pyramids, obelisks, and solar temples built in his honor.
It has been suggested that Ra-Horakhty simply refers to the sun's journey from horizon to horizon as Ra, or that it means to show Ra as a symbolic deity of hope and rebirth.
Through his merging with other deities, Ra became associated with the forces represented by that deity. This made the sun deity very important, as the sun was seen as the ruler of all that he created. The most common belief is that Amun-Ra was invented as a new state deity by the (Theban) rulers of the New Kingdom to unite worshipers of Amun with the older cult of Ra around the eighteenth dynasty. When Ra traveled in his sun boat he was accompanied by various other deities including Sia (perception) and Hu (command) as well as Heka (magic power).

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