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Eating meatless at least once a week has a host of health benefits and will likely save you money at the supermarket too. This stuffed pizza is filled with crumbled tofu, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and fresh basil.
Here we toss tempeh with a honey-sesame sauce and serve it over quinoa and shredded carrots for a satisfying vegetarian meal.
Whether you’re vegetarian or trying to eat more meatless meals, our healthy and cheap vegetarian dinner recipes are an easy way to save money on your next grocery bill.
A lot of people ask me for easy vegan recipes, because they want to eat better but feel that they don’t have the means or the know-how.
I spread hummus on my pizza crust last night and topped that with olive bruschetta and roasted veggies. This blog is a collection of my own musings and is not meant to displace or augment professional direction.
If your dinner pal is OK with vegetables, add some fresh broccoli florets to this to make the peanut sauce sing.
While traditional paellas famously include fresh seafood and shellfish, this is a pretty amazing vegan version. Fresh spring rolls are a staple in traditional Vietnamese and Thai cuisine- but often they feature shrimp, pork and other meat products. These budget-friendly vegetarian dinner recipes for black bean soup, baked mac & cheese, pizza and more meatless meals are perfect for an easy weeknight meal.

Cook it in a skillet just like the dairy version, but replace the cheese with blended chickpeas! I’ve just turned vegan and last weekend made a tofu quiche just using leftover veggies and whatever was in my cupboard. Compared to what most people are eating, a healthy vegan diet that’s a little tofu-heavy is still by far superior. Fortunately, incorporating more earth-friendly fare into your menu does not require slimy tofu or weird vegetables. Because they flame-broiled the lettuce spears for just a moment, the salad was mysteriously smoky and meaty. Soba noodles are incredibly nutty, dense and filling, so even carnivores will love this meal. Firm tofu is a tasty alternative to meat, and it's coated in a sweet homemade honey teriyaki glaze. Try Sweet Potato Fritters with Smoky Pinto Beans for a Mexican-inspired dinner or Fettuccine with Creamy Mushroom Sauce for a delicious vegetarian pasta dish. And these hearty vegetarian recipes are great examples of how well you can eat on a budget. I’ve been vegan for about 18 months now and the *only* thing I *kindof* miss is pizza so will be trying the hummus pizza (and quesedillas) very soon! Soba noodles are really versatile, so you can cook them in a rich broth, use them like you would pasta, or top them with all kinds of veggies.

Top it with whatever excites you, from fresh or grilled veggies, to red sauce or pesto or olive oil, to exotic additions like thai cilantro or hawaiian pineapple. From what I understand, a lot of the health concerns come from phytoestrogens and from isolated soy proteins, which show up in the highly processed foods like fake meats and cheeses, but also in all sorts of foods (omnivorous included) like soups and sauces, etc.
Eating a vegan meal now and then is a great way to live a little greener, even if you can't quite commit to a meat-free lifestyle. It’s also great with kalamata olives + roasted peppers + spinach, or sprouts + shredded carrots + black olives, or hot greenВ chilesВ + vegan cream cheese, or . They’re also great with grilled veggies, or fresh garden greens like parsley and cilantro. Maybe experiment with other meat substitutes, like a lentil loaf or chickpea cutlet or homemade or store-bought seitan. One thing that a lot of vegan meals miss is that all-important rich mouthfeel – the Japanese call this fatty, meaty taste umami, or the fifth taste. For an equally drool-worthy Sloppy Jane made out of texturized vegetable protein (TVP), visit hellyeahitsvegan (pictured).

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