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Lunch should be healthy and nutritious, so avoid packing unhealthy food or junk food or food prepared with maida (all purpose flour) or processed food. If you want to have a true Indian breakfast that is both tasty and healthy, you should definitely get inspired by the dishes below. It probably seems pretty weird for people who aren’t accustomed with Indian cuisine but it’s a great dish to serve in the morning. It contains a lot of the traditional elements in Indian cuisine such as almonds, honey or cinnamon. Well, I have given few delicious and practical lunch box ideas for work (office), school that are nutritious, healthy and also easy to prepare.

You can make uthappam with carrots or mixed vegetable uttappam to make it more healthy.Sponge dosa is also great for lunch as it will remain very soft until lunch time.
They are fast to prepare and extremely tasty so it’s extremely efficient to have the recipes around.
You can serve them as breakfast but they can also be eaten throughout the day and it’s a great food to take with you for lunch break. Rajma Chawal (kidney beans rice) sweet corn rice, channa pulao, red beans rice, peas pulao are all healthy, nutritious and high in protein which is required for growing kids. I was surprised to see few ingredients and since now a days I am graduated in cooking to develop a recipe with its ingredients, I thought of giving it a try in that way this time.

So this could be a quick fix for your lunch box for office going people, since less cutting work.

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