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There are certain recipes which always remain our favorites and we can never be tired of cooking them over and over again.
There are endless variations to the chicken curry and today’s chicken curry is prepared with the same basic ingredients as any normal chicken curry, the only other major ingredient is cashewnut paste. 8 Add the ground masala paste, cashewnut paste and ground powder of cinnamon, cloves and curry leaves and combine well. I love chicken masala, thanks for the recipe and your advise on variations (I don’t get curry leaves here).
I am a regular visitor to your blog, I love your food, I am from hyd, but a north indian, born and brought up in Hyderabad, I love spicy andhra food. I love chicken, I cook it quite often, my DH also loves it a lot, your recipe looks quite tempting, I am going to try this for sure. I want more people exposing to Indian food, these two days am going to post my photos, and give credit to you (link added). Jasmine, once the fresh curry leaves are roasted along with the other spices, its becomes crisp and can be easily powdered. I dont know hw to make fish curry and fish fry and what kind of fish i should use for each type.

This looks a wonderful curry – if i made this for around 30 people how what would you suggest for the amounts that i would need especially the spices.
Born half Anglo-Indian and half Manglorean Catholic in multi-cultural Mumbai- India, Denise has been surrounded by a wonderful assortment of all things delicious from a very early age. Her penchant for food has led her on many amazing journeys across India where she charms strangers into sharing unique recipes and discovers a little more about her country with each bite. She shares her favourite recipes and love for all things deliciously Indian in her column- Beyond Curry. One such favorite recipe that I cook often and is enjoyed by my family and friends is the Spicy Chicken Masala Curry.
I am now making it using the recipe I got from an Indian taxi driver… a very nice and funny guy.
A motley bunch of Anglo-Indians whose cuisine is a unique combination of Indian spices and western flavours; and Mangloreans who are famed for their delicious coastal fare. But the blending of cashewnut paste with the spices offsets the spicy flavor of the curry and gives this dish its unmistakable, not-too-rich, subtly sweet, warm and spicy flavor. I have recently tasted chicken and your recipe is motivating me to try cooking a chicken dish myself and eat it again.

This chicken curry recipe is not a fancy one, very simple, straightforward and quick to make. I love the fact that all the ingredients in your recepies are already there in most of the Indian kitchens. I have never been able to make a delicious curry without ready made garam masala before this. I don’t remember the recipe source, its been there in my recipe files since ages, thought I’d share it. One variation is add a tbsp of coconut paste and juice of half a lemon to the above curry for added flavor. I’m really glad I wandered into an Indian store today and finally bought curry leaves for the first time.
Its one of our favorite chicken curry recipes that goes well with flavored rice, plain cooked rice and rotis.

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