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You're probably thinking that with the words "boneless skinless chicken breast," you're pretty much trading taste for haste.
Keep in mind that this is simply a technique, and one that you can use again and again with different ingredients to make your own take on our tasty 15-minute quick chicken recipe. Serve the chicken with the orange-mint sauce spooned on top of it, accompanied with a nice green salad (which you can prepare while the chicken is cooking). While the skillet is charging, put the chicken between two pieces of waxed paper or into a plastic bag and take out your frustrations on it.
We have chicken a couple of times a week just because it’s something my whole family likes, but I find myself repeating a lot of my meals over and over .
Really I can’t control on myself, I deadly like chicken and these all these recipes will beneficial for me thanks for sharing. This was awesome, I took chicken breast out of the freezer this morning and was like what am I going to make. So I have been on this blog before and made the Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce and now when I click on the recipe it says the blog is private and I am not accepted.
That is a surprisingly simple sounding marinade, but that photo looks spectacular and this sounds like a great mid-week quicky meal.

I made this with coconut oil instead of sesame oil since that was what I had on hand, it was fantastic! Made this last week but let the chicken marinade a little bit longer to soak up the flavor. Hi Alexa, you said in one of your comments that you bake the chicken first in the oven before you broil it. Hi Tammy,I bake it in a preheated oven at 350F for about 20 minutes, it can take even longer depending on the thickness of the chicken so I usually use a meat thermometer to figure out when it's close to being done. On the contrary, these delicious and quick chicken dinner recipes are so good, everyone will want it again and again.
First, we're going to take some of our 15 minutes and pound the heck out of the chicken so it cooks quickly (flat breasts are a bonus for once). The skillet may be hot enough that the chicken will brown too quickly, so you want to give it a little push.
Whenever I got to cook chicken breasts, my mind blanks and I can only think of about 5 ways to cook them. My family likes it either way.You get more of a depth of flavor however with the fish sauce.

The cilantro mixed with the garlic reminded me of a traditional Iranian dish my mom would make. Whatever the reason, the humble boneless, skinless chicken breast is ready to be your go-to ingredient when you gotta eat and you gotta eat quick.
The sesame oil definitely added the Asian touch - I served it with jasmine rice steamed with peas and carrots, it was delicious! You can make this chicken recipe in less than 15 minutes with these two techniques, which you can carry over into other quick dinners. I made this chicken a while back and it smelled and tasted good, however, mine looked a sickly shade of green lol and not like your pics either.

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