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Whether you’re rushing out the door in the morning or preparing a leisurely weekend breakfast for the family, our best diet breakfast recipes are the perfect way to start your day.
Here are some of my favorite breakfast meals, some are my own, and others are taken from my favorite bloggers with permission. Instead of opting for a processed cereal, just because it’s quick, make up some homemade granola ahead of time and your breakfast is just as easy! Plot out what your family will enjoy for dinner for the next month with these helpful day-to-day meal planners. People who are most successful at losing weight—and keeping it off—tend to eat breakfast every single day.

These diet smoothie recipes, low-calorie muffin recipes and more healthy breakfast ideas taste delicious and will keep you satisfied until lunch. If you're just getting started, check out the "start here" tab above and make sure to join our community, keep informed, and get access to exclusive content by signing up for the enewsletter over to your right. You can pour the milk over it, or consume it with a bit of extra protein and probiotics and go for yogurt. We will not recommend a company that we do not purchase from ourselves and we thank you for your support.
Since she learned how to make pancakes, she makes pancake as breakfast every morning for the whole family.

But when you’re up against the morning rush, it’s easy to skip breakfast or turn to calorie-laden convenience foods that leave you hungry long before lunch.
Try Lisa’s Granola for a diet breakfast recipe to make ahead or Buttermilk Oatcakes with Raspberry Compote for a delicious brunch recipe. Keep your weight in check and start your morning off with a quick, satisfying low-cal breakfast.

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