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Studies show that a meal packed with "brain foods" (those filled with healthy nutrients such as protein, vitamin B, and omega-3) will aid concentration, memory, and brain development, and can lessen mood swings and boost energy levels, too. Stock up on healthy no-cooking-required staples such as fruits (fresh and dried), nuts, granola, and yogurt for easy last-minute breakfasts. Boiled, scrambled, baked, or fried: However you like them, eggs are versatile and quick to cook, and can help begin the day with protein and other essential nutrients. Cut down on butter, cream, and cheese to trim away the calories and saturated fat in your favorite breakfast dishes. Our mouthwatering Brain-Boosting Breakfast series continues with celebrity chefs and restaurateurs creating healthy, brain-boosting breakfast ideas to help keep kids going throughout the day. Maya Rudolph, Lisa Loeb and Chris Ballew join the must-listen musical magic that is Simpatico. Made with toast, fruit and cottage cheese, thisВ Sourdough Topped with PeachesВ from A Love A Fare has the makings of a perfectly balanced breakfast. We eat mashed avocado on toast (with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of salt) at least one morning a week at my house.
5 brilliant food bar ideas ideas for Mother’s Day entertaining that can be made last minute. On busy school mornings, start the day off on the right foot with these healthy breakfast recipes, many of them with make-ahead options. That last reason kicks me into full-on mummy gear in the morning, making sure that I leave time to make something healthy and satisfying for my kids to eat before heading off to school. Below are some of our favorite breakfast recipes, may of them with make-ahead options, that can help you on those busy mornings. These carrot cake granola bites and granola bars are some of my kids’ favorite after school snacks, but they also work perfectly for an on-the-go breakfast.

For the yogurt parfait, mix all of the ingredients together in a tupperware container and let your kids munch on it on the way to school. If you’re looking for a good dose of healthy protein in the morning, these egg wraps will do the trick. These are such great ideas and I know my kids would really enjoy instead of just plain cereal everyday!
Thanks, Dara, for a good soapbox post–not sure if the pop tart crowd will see this, but I can always hope! Feeding school-age kids a quick and healthy breakfast can be particularly challenging, but it's not impossible.
If it's made with dairy products such as milk or yogurt or with fortified soy, a smoothie can help meet the recommended daily intake for calcium and protein. Fresh fruit salads and yogurt-granola parfaits require minimum effort and can pack a nutritional punch. With all moms pack into their early morning routines, it's easy to place a bowl of cereal in front of the kids and call it breakfast.
If that doesn’t look fancy enough for your little ones, try thisВ Yogurt Parfait with Berries, Granola and Cocoa NibsВ (above) from A Food Centric Life.
I love how thisВ Mixed Berry, Oat and Almond SmoothieВ from Apron and Sneakers blends healthy breakfast grains and nuts with fruit. She's known for her focus on nutrition and organics, her salad-loving sons, and her non-judgy approach to feeding kids that does not preclude Nutella. Presentation makes all the difference and I nearly always have hard boiled eggs in my fridge.
By the time you get there, they will have consumed a good supply of fiber, protein and vitamins.

My daughter is starting kindergarten and doesn’t like cold cereal, so I’m very motivated to try all these out! I have to get up really early on my clinical days, so these ideas are perfect for me as well! And thank you for getting on the soap box about Pop Tarts and Fruit Loops–it needs to be done!
Whether you can pull off a sit-down meal, or need breakfast on the go, we've got quick, healthy, and nutritionally-balanced recipes and tips to ensure everyone in the family is well-fed and ready for the day.
But lil' ones' first meal of the day is their most important, preparing their minds for tasks throughout the day. My latest favorite isВ Coconut Chai Oatmeal, which you can find on my site One Hungry Mama along with other make-ahead breakfast spice blends that will keep your oatmeal interesting–and healthier than the stuff from a packet. Beat the eggs, dice the veggies or pre-cook the sausage and store them in the fridge overnight.
Bake them in advance, store them in an airtight container, and then reheat using the toaster oven. Use a mini-blender or immersion stick blender to customize multiple smoothies and to keep clean up to a minimum.
With two tots of her own, Weelicious's Catherine McCord knows a thing or two about juggling food, kids, and packed schedules. She's providing us with five different kid-friendly morning meals that are quick to prepare and bound to become household favorites!

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