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Heat dosa pan and grease with few drops oil and pour the batter from outside to inside as we do for karacha maavu dosais and cook both sides. Depending upon the quality of rice, some times the dosa may dry one side and look white and uncooked. Technorati Tags: verum arisi dosa,arisi maavu dosa,breakfast recipes,easy breakfast recipes,South Indian breakfast recipes,Tamil recipes,dosa recipes,dosa recipe.

Take a vessel and add the flour, green chili, onion, cumin seeds, asafetida, curry leaves, coriander leaves, ginger, salt and water.
If you want to make it for breakfast, the before evening soak and grind, mix salt and keep it overnight for fermentation. The preparation time and cooking time varies from 30 mins to 18 hrs depending upon the process of the recipe.

This batter also you can keep in fridge and make dosa for 2 days like our idli dosa batter.

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